UWM at Waukesha alum, Brett, didn’t feel like a number while pursuing his Finance degree.

Alum Brett Uelner

“I chose UWM at Waukesha because I felt like it was the best opportunity to figure out which degree I wanted to pursue. I have always been interested in numbers, and enjoyed math growing up. Because of the small class sizes and compact campus, students grow closer to the professors, the advisors, and the curriculum…which all helped narrow down my interests. It’s a great start for your college career if you want to figure out what the right path is for you. In your first two years of school, you can get the same education as any other UW College while saving a significant amount of money.

At UWM at Waukesha, you grow close to many more student than you would normally on a larger campus. I was able to build strong relationships with professors because I did not feel like a number. You see familiar faces everywhere, and that adds to the comfortability of the campus and will give you confidence when expanding your network of peers.

After the two years, I transferred to UW-Milwaukee. The transition between UWM at Waukesha and UW-Milwaukee was seamless and allowed me to keep all my credits. In addition, I was close to home and it was more affordable than many other schools in the area, including out of state colleges, and provided a big campus feel while still maintaining relatively smaller class sizes. The curriculum at schools within the UW system are very similar, so I was not overwhelmed by the course load or expectations of being on the Milwaukee campus.

If you’re thinking about coming to UWM at Waukesha, go! Figure out what you want to do while saving a ton of money. Build as many relationships as you can with students and professors, and then the transfer to UWM or any other UW school will be a smooth transition.”

Brett was hired as a Financial Advisor by Northwestern Mutual after graduation in May of 2019. Congratulations, Brett!