Student Employment

UWM at Waukesha has two types of employment available for students on campus:

      • Work-Study: Work-study is a federal student aid program that is based on need and awarded as part of the total financial aid package. A FAFSA application must be completed to be considered for the Federal Work Study Program. Check your UWM PAWS account to see if you qualify.
      • Regular Employment: These jobs are available to all students enrolled in at least six credits. Work-study is not a requirement for these on-campus jobs.


      1. Be sure you have been awarded and accepted “work-study” on your financial aid page in PAWS.
      2. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the semester.
      3. Check with Student Affairs for a list of work-study positions. Schedule an interview with the supervisor listed for the position.
      4. Fill out the Student Employment Application Form and take it with you to the interview.
      5. If you are hired, pick up a Work-Study Eligibility Packet from the Student Affairs office.
      6. You MUST return the completed payroll packet to the campus administrative specialist to be added to the payroll. In addition, you’ll need to complete and pass a background check.
      7. Students are responsible for entering their work hours through the payroll system. After the supervisor approves hours, students are paid every two weeks through direct deposit.

On-Campus Student Positions

  • Apply: Fill out the Online Student Employment Application to apply for on-campus positions. The supervisor will contact you to set up an interview. Contact the Student Affairs office with questions.

Off-Campus Jobs

Sign up for HandShake to view off-campus jobs and internships.

Student Login Directions for HandShake

      1. Visit
      2. Enter your student email address in the box and click “Next.”
      3. Click “I’m a Student or Alumni.”
      4. Enter your general information.
      5. Confirm your registration – go to your email inbox and click the link provided to confirm your email.
      6. Complete the questionnaire.
      7. The home page of your HandShake account will then indicate that your access to UW-Milwaukee is pending. Please allow 24 to 48 business hours for administrative approval to gain full access.
      8. You are now ready to view the many opportunities posted on HandShake.

Employers: Looking to hire? Sign up for HandShake to post off-campus jobs and Internships.

Employer Login Directions:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Sign up for an account” on the left side.
    3. Click on the “Employer” button.
    4. Complete the required information.
    5. Request access to the UWM Employment Office.
    6. Please allow 24 to 48 business hours for administrative approval.
    7. Once your registration has been approved, see below on how to post a job  or internship.

Posting Jobs and Internships:

    1. Log in to HandShake.
    2. Go to “Post a Job.”
    3. Complete the required information.
    4. At the end, select UW-Milwaukee as the school.
    5. After completion of your job posting, please allow 24 to 48 business hours for administration approval.