UWM at Waukesha student makes a purchase in campus bookstore. Shown at counter.

The UWM at Waukesha Bookstore is now closed. Spring rental books can be returned between 9am and 3pm on Wednesday 5/19, Thursday 5/20,  Friday 5/21 and Monday 5/24. Reach out to Jenny Michaels at with any questions.

Visit the UWM at Waukesha Bookstore, located in the Commons, for a great selection of art supplies, course-related material, study guides, Waukesha campus apparel, personal Items, gifts and more. If the store does not carry a specific title, the staff can special-order it for you.

The bookstore is under contract with an outside vendor and is not managed by the campus.

Price Match Policy

If you find a book from an accepted source at a cheaper price, the bookstore will issue a Follett gift card for the difference in price. The gift card can be used at any Follett bookstore on any item and doesn’t expire.

Students must provide proof of the current price from an accepted source – currently Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Books from Amazon must come directly from The bookstore does not match prices for books sold by other sellers through Amazon or those in which the listing says “fulfilled by Amazon” or “Amazon warehouse deals.” The books must have the same ISBN numbers for the bookstore to match the price.

The bookstore buys books back every day. Students may bring in their unwanted books and if they have value in Follett’s book database, the bookstore will buy the books for those prices. Although the bookstore buys books back throughout the year, they have the most value during finals week.

We do not buy back international editions or instructor’s editions of books.

Factors Affecting Buyback Value

  • The instructor has authorized reuse of the book.
  • The instructor has discontinued the book or not indicated it will be used next term.
  • The bookstore is overstocked.
  • The publisher has a new edition and the prior edition has no value.
  • The book is too ragged or in too poor condition to be resold.
  • The book has limited nationwide demand.

The average life of a textbook is about three years; this is often when a new edition appears. The closer a book gets to this age, the less value it has. Because of this, you should sell your books as soon as possible after you have determined that you no longer need them. Buying books from other sources is a risk, as textbooks can vary per semester.

Use of Financial Aid to Buy Books

Students who are eligible to use their financial aid to purchase books will receive an email detailing the process. The notice will be sent to the student’s UWM at Waukesha email account.


All merchandise returns including books, clothing, gifts, cards, supplies, drug store items and clickers must be accompanied by a receipt. Full refunds with a receipt are given for up to one week from purchase date. No refunds or exchanges on clearance merchandise.

Refunds will be given in the method by which the merchandise was originally purchased.

All book returns must be accompanied by a receipt within the time period allowed for returns as listed below and in the same condition as when purchased. Course packs and opened access codes are not returnable.

Books purchased as new and returned with writing, highlighting or worn pages and/or covers will be reimbursed at half price. In addition, any shrink-wrapped book must remain in its original shrink-wrapping to receive a refund.

Any books that include a CD or access code must have the CD or code in its original seal or wrapping to receive a refund.

Fall and spring classes have one week from the first published scheduled start date of class to return books for a full refund with a receipt.

Summer and Winterim classes have two business days from the first published scheduled start date of class to return books for a refund with a receipt.

Refund for Dropped Classes

One additional week is granted for refunds on books if the student drops a class. The same rules apply to the condition of the book as stated above. Students must show proof of their dropped class to get a refund during this time.

Rental Check-ins

The due date for checking in rented books is always the last day of finals. At the time of rental, students sign an agreement to return the books by the due date. The agreement also states that failure to make the due date will result in replacement charges being applied to the renter’s credit/debit card. The amount charged varies per book. It is the student’s responsibility to check in their rented books in person.

The bookstore cannot check in rented books if they are left in the mail room, at the library or with another office. Rented books left in this manner will not count as being checked in and replacement charges will be applied.

Please note: Follett may change the above policies at any time. Please contact the store for the most up-to-date information.

Textbooks for Online Courses

Textbooks for online courses (including compressed video, Wisline Web and computer-based training) are available through UW Extended Campus Bookstore or by calling 800-621-4088.