Abstract Submission

To submit your abstract, please fill in the contact information for the lead author and upload your abstract. The format for the abstracts is given below. Please note that abstracts may be submitted in an extended form of up to two pages. Presentations may be selected for oral or poster formats.

The deadline for abstract submission HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO September 15, 2017 at 6 PM CST. We anticipate finalizing the full schedule of presentations by September 20.

Abstract Format

Title of the Extended Abstract should be short
LASTNAME, First A., University of A; NEXTLASTNAME, Second B., Company B; THIRDAUTHORLAST, Third C., University C; etc
Corresponding author: Firstname A. Lastname, abc@xyz.edu

Next follows an extended abstract text which may include figures, tables and references. Total length must not exceed two pages. Please format the abstract as a single-spaced document in Times-Roman font with a minimum text size of 11 pt. and with minimum margins widths of one-inch at left, right and bottom; 1.5 inches at top. Please submit as a Word file without page numbers.

The deadline for submitting abstracts has passed.