Future Engineering Lab Continues to Move Forward Thanks to Engineering Student

harley davidson donation

UWM at Washington County’s growing engineering lab recently received an industry equipment donation thanks to a passionate student’s thoughtful contribution!

When Garrett Schmitt realized that his workplace intended to replace an older model Lulzbot Mini 3D printer, he convinced his lab manager to donate it to the campus’ up-and-coming engineering lab. “Garrett is an aspiring mechanical engineer who plans on transferring to UW-Platteville to complete his degree. It’s been my privilege to work with him in both engineering and physics courses at Washington County,” said Engineering & Physics lecturer, Julie Cease.

Garrett works in the Product Development Center at Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Wauwatosa. In addition to his work experience and exceptional project work in the campus lab, Garrett is an avid 3D printing enthusiast. Once he heard that his workplace intended to replace their current printer, he recommended to his supervisor to donate it. His supervisor, Michael Hermes, the PDC Labs – Structure and NVH Lab Lead, facilitated the donation of the Lulzbot Mini 3D printer, a high-performance desktop 3D printer. It will be a useful addition to the engineering lab and will be used extensively in the engineering curriculum. Professor Cease is currently in the process of refurbishing a space on campus for use in engineering courses and as a future innovation hub for the campus.

We are extremely thankful to Mr. Hermes and the Harley-Davison Motor Company for donating this printer to our campus. Professor Cease added, “I am touched by Garrett’s thoughtful contribution and his willingness to support our program. This is yet another positive and promising development made possible by an openness to industry teaming, state-of-the-art technology, and student involvement.”