Foundation Student Scholarships Now Open

washington county foundation

Every year, the Washington County Campus Foundation distributes scholarships from over 50 funds and makes over 75 awards each year. Scholarship applications are currently open through February 15th.

These scholarships are possible thanks to four decades of generous community support, and the foundation has been able to award over $3 million in scholarships during the last twenty-two years alone. This generosity has helped more than 1,700 deserving students launch their college careers. The Foundation is able to do this through donations from individuals who attend events, respond to direct mail appeal, and who generously create scholarships for a particular interest that they may have in higher education.

The scholarship range is from $300 each year to $12,500 for students who attend UWM at Washington County and transfer to a four year school to finish their degree. The Foundation scholarships address a wide range of interests and needs. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their:

  • achievement in school
  • financial need
  • interest in certain fields such as:
    • education
    • nursing
    • theater
    • science
    • business
  • involvement in extracurricular activity
  • community involvement

Review all the different scholarship opportunities at the foundation page here and read through the scholarship and application process here. Questions about how to apply? Watch the video here!