Continuing Education Accepts National GSK Science Grant

ce grant announcement

Continuing Education is pleased to announce its acceptance in the National GSK Science in the Summer™ program. This is a two-year commitment to provide STEM programs to underrepresented populations. The department will receive a stipend to cover staffing and supply expenses for 600 students.

GSK Science in the Summer™ is administered by the Franklin Institute, and the University of North Carolina’s Morehead Planetarium and Science Center in cooperation with participating libraries and community centers. In 2019, more than 25,000 students participated in GSK’s Science in the Summer™ program. The program was established in 1986 in Philadelphia, PA, and then offered in the Raleigh-Durham, NC metro area in the summer of 2008. The program expanded nationally in 2017 to an additional 26 sites across the US. We are the first site in Wisconsin for this program. Read more about the program here.

The theme for the program last summer was ‘Be a Chemist!’. The program invites children to play the role of chemists and discover the importance of chemistry to fields as varied as medicine, manufacturing art, and environmental conservation. The sessions will encourage students to practice scientific techniques and explore basic principles of chemistry as they investigate how substances change and interact with each other, and how chemists use these changes to solve real-world problems! The theme this summer is ‘Be an Engineer!’ which will be a great addition to the Summer STEM University program.

Continuing Education is extremely excited for the opportunity to provide this outreach to the community and will be working with local schools and community organizations to help spread the word. If you would like to volunteer as an instructor or if you know someone that you think would be a great fit, have them contact