PR Packet

Publicity and promotion of your event is an important part of your planning. It’s a win-win for all involved if there is a large, engaged audience with a deep interest in the subject being discussed. It can draw greater attention to your group while also increasing familiarity with the resources available through the UW-Milwaukee Connects.

Below is a brief outline of some key points to consider and helpful resources to use in building your communication plan.

Press Release Template

UW-Milwaukee Connects can provide you with a template for a press release. If interested, please email

All publicity material should include the following complete event information:

  • Your Organization’s Name
  • Speaker’s Name and Title
  • Event date and time
  • Location
  • Topic
  • Website for more information

It is also important to include a contact name, email address and phone number where you can be reached if there are questions about your request for publicity for your event. You should always give credit to the UW-Milwaukee Connects in all of your publicity.

Community Opportunities

There are a number of free and easy community resources that will be happy to partner with you in publicizing your event. Consider reaching out to the library, seniors’ center, recreation center, community center, etc. Invite their members, ask them to post information in public areas and include your event in their newsletters or email communications.

Television and Radio

Many Milwaukee-area TV and radio stations have a calendar of events on their website. Some will also broadcast information on community events. It is important to note there is a lot of overlap in ownership of radio stations, meaning a submission to one spot could you get attention in additional spots. Plus, many TV and radio stations may be partnering with a print group or other online resource, again increasing the reach of your message.

Some local stations that have community calendars and offer you the chance to submit your own events include:

The community calendar for WISN-TV links to the calendar (see below).


Many newspapers run a calendar of events both in print and online. The list below features some of the widely-read spots but do not overlook a community newspaper if you think targeting a hyper-local audience could be effective. The website has links to news sites for a variety of southeast Wisconsin communities.

Engage an Audience

Engage staff, volunteers and constituents in the planning and publicity. The more people are engaged in the planning and publicity, the wider your reach will be for a potential audience. Encourage those that are involved in the planning to publicize the event through their own social media channels and social circles.

Cancellation Communications Plan

It is vital you have a communications plan in place should you need to cancel the event. Please notify the UW-Milwaukee Connects, the speaker and any media outlets as soon as possible. Also post the cancellation on any social media channels you have access to in addition to any organizational website(s).