Panther Ambassadors

Invite UW-Milwaukee to your next event. Student ambassadors will share their UWM experience while engaging with your group, school or business at events, assemblies, celebrations and more.

Request A Panther Ambassador

They can also provide printed information about the university and campus programs and bring some fun giveaway items to share. Pounce may also attend your event.

Examples of Panther Ambassador Events

  • Corporate resource and employee fairs
  • Public festivals
  • K-12 school events
  • UWM Alumni events
  • Meetings with legislators and community leaders

Goals of Panther Ambassadors

  • Generate goodwill for the university by sharing the resources and discoveries at UW-Milwaukee that impact students and society at large
  • Promote the value and impact of UW-Milwaukee
  • Promote the value of higher education
  • Enhance the out-of-classroom learning of students who serve as ambassadors, enabling them to further develop their skills, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership, collaboration, teamwork and advocacy
  • Encourage advocacy for individual, state, and federal investments in higher education