UW System Restructuring Project Update, August 20, 2018

UW Colleges and UW-Extension Restructuring Weekly Project Update

Week of August 20, 2018

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Key Updates

Official Campus Name Changes

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents approved name changes today for several of the former two-year UW Colleges campuses which now operate as branch campuses of regional comprehensive campuses under the UW System’s restructuring initiative that took effect July 1.

UW-Barron County’s new name was approved at the June Board meeting. UW-Oshkosh will propose name changes for UW-Fox Valley and UW-Fond du Lac at a future meeting.


Former Two-Year Campus Names

New Two-Year Campus Names

UW-Barron County

University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire – Barron County


University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus


University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, Marinette Campus


University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus

UW-Washington County

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee at Washington County


University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee at Waukesha

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County

University of Wisconsin–Platteville Baraboo Sauk County


University of Wisconsin–Platteville Richland

UW-Marathon County

University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point at Wausau

UW-Marshfield/Wood County

University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point at Marshfield

UW-Rock County

University of Wisconsin–Whitewater at Rock County

MOU Service Transition Process

To help facilitate continued collaboration and ensure continuity of services during the 2018-19 transition year, we have developed a process for the transition of services from UW Colleges Services (UWCS) to the receiving institutions. The process is outlined in the attached slides, as presented at the August Steering Committee meeting.

As Receiving Institutions are ready to take on services, Campus Relationship Leads should email the appropriate UWCS Client Services Lead with their request for service transition. The UWCS Client Services Leads will likewise communicate with the receiving institutions’ Campus Relationship Leads as they identify areas for early service transitions.

The UWCS Client Services Leads are:

  • Melissa Stutz – Student Services/ Enrollment Management
  • Jackie Joseph-Silverstein – Academic Affairs
  • Collen Godfriaux – Administration and Finance

Additionally, please note that UWCS has developed a Records Disposition Working Group to develop a plan for the disposition of records. When requesting records from UWCS, contact Charles Clark (Charles.Clark@uwc.edu).

Project Milestones


  • Registrars – Memo added to transcript for UWC, indicating accredited institutions
  • Finance/RIs – Biennial budget, official name changes to Board of Regents
  • RIs – Go/no-go validation for each region to process applications on 9/1
  • RIs – Finalize UDDS structure for FY20; structure validated by CBO and entered in SFS

Upcoming (or unconfirmed as complete):

  • Communication Roadmap milestones for August
    • UWSA distribution of Title and Total Compensation letters to employees (July – December)
    • New students welcome notification
    • New leadership team welcome by Chancellors
    • Communication of tuition structure and fees
    • Announcement of new faculty governance structure (August – September)
    • Completion of student recruitment/marketing plan and materials (August – September)
    • Distribution of faculty orientation details for branch campus faculty (August – November)
    • Confirmation of Campus name changes (August – December)
    • Confirmation of new FAFSA schools codes (August – December)
  • 7/31: System – distribute final 2018 budget transfer
  • 7/31: Procurement – Initial deep dive into UW Colleges/UW-Extension contracts completed
  • 8/15: RIs – Peoplesoft catalog built for AY19-20
  • 8/28: Registrars – Diploma lists begin to be sent from PRISM to RIs
  • 8/30: Finance – UDDS Placement
  • 8/31: SIS – Bio-demo testing complete
  • 9/1: Fall 2019 admissions begin
  • 9/12: Finance – Transfer outstanding PR/GPR debt to RIs

Functional and Regional Team Updates

Project Management Office (PMO)


  • Continued intensive project management support to UW-Oshkosh, UW-Green Bay, UW-Stevens Point, and UW-Eau Claire
  • Began the process of reviewing the service transition tracker with Regional Team leads to confirm progress


  • Continue to support Regional Team restructuring activities
  • Continuing meetings with Functional Team leads to determine the future of their teams
  • Formalize the service transition dashboard with RI updates

Project Communications Office (PCO)

  • UW System Restructuring has created a Faculty and Staff Blog to keep faculty and staff informed of restructuring taking place across the state. Please share the link to the blog with faculty and staff on your campus.
  • New information about the financial aid application process has been added to the Students FAQs page on the UWSA Restructuring website.
  • Counselor FAQs and Parents FAQs pages have been added to the UWSA Restructuring website.

UW-Eau Claire: UW-Barron Country – Bi-weekly updates


  • Completed Barron County website redesign using UWECBC logos and color patterns
  • Worked through oversight of instruction protocols in preparation for fall semester


  • Work with UWCS to redirect site with a plan to do so on September 7

UW-Green Bay: UW-Marinette, UW-Manitowoc, UW-Sheboygan


  • Curriculum alignment working group submitted draft proposal to Steering Committee for the future AAS at GB
  • Project Coastal Steering Committee meeting held to discuss AAS online, HLC Requirements, and roadmaps
  • Received feedback from PC Steering Committee regarding sunsetting of working groups
  • New campus name approved at the August 23-24 Board of Regents meeting


  • All branch administrators are actively in role

UW-Madison: UW-Extension Cooperative Extension, Public Media, and Conference Centers – Bi-weekly updates


  • Core transition teams organized for Cooperative Extension and Public Media
  • Planning efforts begun to offset or replace support for services provided by Central Services (i.e. Employee Assistance Program, IRB, research and sponsored programs, legal services, etc.)


  • October 1 deliverables (issues that need to be addressed and order to be addressed in) for transition of units; will be finalized by December 31
  • Transition of Division of Labor and Education deferred until resolution of tenure (likely this fall)

UW-Milwaukee: UW-Washington County, UW-Waukesha – Bi-weekly updates


  • Provided updates to campuses/associate deans/staff senate/dept chairs on the Restructuring
  • Discussed MOU transition process with CRLs, Dean of CGS, RT Leads
  • New campus name approved at the August 23-24 Board of Regents meeting


  • UWM Orientation is being developed
  • Developing communications regarding HLC Visit

UW System Administration: UW-Extension Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning; Division of Business and Entrepreneurship; Instructional Communications Systems (ICS); Wisconsin Humanities Council; Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS) – monthly updates


  • Initial project structure established
  • Reorganized various e-learning systems under the title “Course Exchange”
  • Established work groups for 19-20 operational planning
  • Held first meeting of Finance Admin. work group
  • Met with UWC Online staff for planning path forward and held a UWC Online Deep dive into operations.


  • Crafting memo on work group membership
  • Planning initial communication with Online students
  • Establishing a RI Advisory Council for the Course Exchange
  • Holding meetings with academic planners of RIs for input into planning timeline.

UW-Oshkosh: UW-Fox Valley, UW-Fond du Lac


  • Began Roadmap follow-up meetings
  • Reviewed service transition schedule with Oshkosh Working Groups
  • Adjusted the communications schedule for late summer, fall, and winter
  • Worked with Oshkosh Financial Services to adjust enrollment and tuition model


  • Preparation for August 21 Oshkosh steering committee meeting
  • Develop template for employee-facing Oshkosh Communications Roadmap
  • Continue Roadmap follow-up meetings with Oshkosh Working Groups

UW-Platteville: UW-Richland, UW-Baraboo/Sauk – Bi-weekly updates


  • MOU Service Transition updates and preparations
  • HLC visit planning
  • New campus name approved at the August 23-24 Board of Regents meeting


  • SIS team is pending Mock 1.2

UW-Stevens Point: UW-Marathon County, UW-Marshfield


  • Held meeting with deans on August 14 where discussion was held on roadmap progress
  • New campus name approved at the August 23-24 Board of Regents meeting


  • Regional leadership meeting on 8/23/18
  • Review milestones with functional team leadership
  • Update dashboard regarding transition progress

UW-Whitewater: UW-Rock County – Monthly updates


  • Finished agreement with campus catering to extend service to the Rock County campus
  • Sent letters to current Rock County students, offering use of UW-Whitewater housing
  • Confirmed transfer of the following MOU Service Areas: Administrative Oversight, Budget Planning, Foundations, HR – Employee Hiring, Marketing, Oversight of Instruction, Transfer, and Governance
  • New campus name approved at the August 23-24 Board of Regents meeting


  • All-student Welcome at the Rock County campus on 8/22, when students will get their UW-Whitewater ID and be oriented to services available

Bursars – No update since 7/13

Facilities and Property


  • Met on 7/31 and indicated they would like to close the FT in the early fall if possible.
  • Lead has indicated most of their milestones can be moved up and is requesting a 9/1 sunset, although there is still one milestone that would extend beyond that date



  • The regional, governance, marketing, and recruitment transfers to RIs
  • Initial draft of Finance memo
  • Initial planning for reviewing campus allocations in crosswalks
  • Entering of new UDDS structure


  • Finance memo being drafted
  • Functional Team expected to sunset in July 2019
  • UW System Financial Administration working with UW Colleges central staff to identify and assign institutional debt by early fall
  • Actual transfer of debt to receiving institution to occur later

Financial Aid – No update since 7/2

HLC – No update since 7/13

Human Resources – No update since 7/13



  • Completed library services plan for collection merging strategy and the shared information services migration plan
  • Provided central collection budget recommendation
  • Discussed HRS data feeds and submitted recommendation to UWSA to add HRS system flag for employees


  • Funding requests for Restructuring-related software updates
  • PRIMO Subgroup recommendations being developed
  • Developing communication to institutions
  • Review ALMA/PRIMO configuration options for branch campuses (due September 1)



  • Met to review various UWCX contracts
  • Reviewed UWC/X spend analysis
  • Completed assessment of procurement automation future state
  • Completed initial analysis and team discussion of UWC contract data


  • Identify the group of POs/contracts that should be supported with UWC/X/UWSA procurement services
  • P-card spend analysis and review
  • Analyze all UWSA/C/X contracts for legal issues related to transferring contracts to RIs
  • Review the UWC Auxiliary contracts issued by UWSA
  • Establish approach for contract review
  • Auxiliary contracts informational piece
  • Initial deep dive into UWC/Extension contracts (target by July 31)
  • Bucket PO contracting work (due August 31)

Registrars – No update since 7/13

Student Information Systems (SIS)


  • Reorganizing the SIS Functional Team to more closely mirror a traditional IT project. The bulk of the activities and oversight will be located on the Receiving campuses with one SIS lead from each RI attending bi-weekly Project Steering Committee meetings to check-in on progress and solution common issues and problems.

Student Visa Functional Team (SVFT)


  • Waiting for Department of Homeland Security to approve I-17s.