FAQ – Tuition and Fees

  • Will I be able to go to Pantherfest and UWM basketball games?

    Yes, students in Waukesha and Washington County will be able to attend Pantherfest and UWM basketball games. These are two of the most popular events supported by UWM student segregated fees.

  • How will student organizations at the two-year campuses be affected by the restructuring?

    Student life is an integral part of the college experience, and funding from student segregated fees at those campuses will continue to support student organizations there.

  • I am a current student working toward meeting the requirements of the Badger Promise program. How will the restructuring affect that?

    Students enrolled at the two-year campuses and already working toward meeting the requirements of the Badger Promise transfer agreement will still be eligible for the transfer, as well as the financial support included in that program.

  • Will my financial aid be affected by the restructuring of the two-year campuses?

    No changes are expected in the financial aid packages processed and awarded.

  • How will student segregated fees be affected?

    A Student Affairs team, which includes members who are students, is examining the issue of segregated fees at the three campuses. Part of their work has involved a survey of students in Waukesha and Washington County regarding their preferences. No decisions have been made yet.

  • How will my tuition be affected?

    Tuition for the 2018-19 school year will remain unchanged. We know the two-year campuses are important access points for many students, and we are committed to keeping higher education affordable.