FAQ – Students

  • Are the sports at the UW Colleges going to be Club Sports? Will the mascot for the branch campuses change?

    Yes, a UW System Project Decision states that branch campus athletics will be defined as “club sports.” Full details of the Project Decision are here. The Project Decision does not dictate team colors or mascots, decisions which likely rest with each Receiving Institution.

  • Are there any updates on the campus naming?

    UW System provided guidelines for campus renaming.
    Based on input from Waukesha and Washington County students and stakeholders, UWM will submit a request for the two-year campuses to be known as University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Waukesha and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County, respectively. Signage on the branch campuses will also utilize “Waukesha Campus” and “Washington County Campus”. The Board of Regents will review our naming request in August 2018.

  • What process are students to follow in transferring to UWM from UW-Washington County or UW-Waukesha?

    For 2018-19 (fall 2018 through summer of 2019) students will follow the same process to transfer to UWM as they have previously had, which can be found here.  For 2019-20 and going forward, students who are admitted and attend the branch campuses will transition to the main campus of UWM using a different process that has yet to be defined.  The process will be clarified by the Undergraduate Admissions Office and/or Registrar’s Office.

  • How will the restructuring affect services for veterans?

    In the first year, there will be no changes to veterans’ services. UWM has considerable expertise in providing veterans’ services, and those services will transition sometime next year.

  • Which Functional Team is addressing student segregated fees? How will segregated fees be managed across the three campuses?

    The Student Affairs Functional Team has been discussing segregated fees. No decisions have yet been made on this issue.

  • How will tuition be managed across the three campuses?

    Resident tuition rates for 2018‐19 will not change. The tuition model being recommended is that students enrolled at the two-year campuses continue to pay UW Colleges tuition for their degrees. Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at UWM will pay UWM tuition.

  • The food options and service at UWM are impressive. Will the two-year campuses be able to work with UWM vendors and staff to improve options at the branch campuses?

    UW‐Milwaukee has over 25,000 students, compared to UW‐Waukesha with 1,475 students and UW‐Washington County with 643 students. In addition, many UWM students live on campus or adjacent to campus, whereas UW‐Waukesha and UW‐Washington County have no student housing. As a result, UWM is able to offer many more food services and options for students. Additional food services at the branch campuses would be based on demand and the ability of vendors to remain profitable.

  • How will mental health and counseling services be integrated across the three institutions? Will there be an expansion of the type of mental health and counseling services provided on each campus?

    This is yet to be determined. The draft organizational structure of the new college has staff to provide mental health counseling at each branch campus, similar to what is currently available. Having the counselors at the branch campuses connected with counselors at UW‐Milwaukee should provide opportunities for integration in the future. At this time, no expansion of services has been discussed.

  • Will transportation be provided for students traveling among the three campuses to take classes? How will parking at the three campuses be handled for faculty, staff and students traveling between them?

    Students will continue to register at just one campus, choosing the one that best fits their needs. As a result, we do not anticipate the need to provide students with transportation. No parking changes are being planned – students or faculty traveling from one campus to another will follow the applicable parking rules and choose from the payment options at those campuses.

  • After the restructuring, what will be the alumni status be for someone who graduates from UW-Waukesha or UW-Washington County?

    On July 1, 2018, UW‐Waukesha and UW‐Washington County became branch campuses of UW‐Milwaukee. Students who graduate from those campuses after the restructuring will be UW-Milwaukee alumni.

  • What will happen to collaborative programs between two-year campuses and UW institutions that are not being integrated under the proposal?

    Successful collaborative partnerships and programs should continue, regardless of whether a UW institution and a two-year campus are affiliated post-restructuring. We will continue to encourage and build upon innovative programs that enable student success.

  • Will I be able to go to Pantherfest and UWM basketball games?

    Yes, students in Waukesha and Washington County will be able to attend Pantherfest and UWM basketball games. These are two of the most popular events supported by UWM student segregated fees.

  • How will student organizations at the two-year institutions be affected by the restructuring?

    Student life is an integral part of the college experience, and funding from student segregated fees at those campuses will continue to support student organizations after the transition.

  • How will student governance be affected by the restructuring?

    Wisconsin law calls for students to determine how they are organized at each campus. Therefore, student governance leaders are being asked to determine how they would like to be organized moving forward. No determination has been made yet.

  • I am a current student working toward meeting the requirements of the Badger Promise program. How will the restructuring affect that?

    Any student currently enrolled at UW Colleges and already working toward meeting the requirements of the Badger Promise transfer agreement will still be eligible for the transfer, as well as the financial support included in that program.

  • If my campus is part of UWM after July 1, do I actually have to transfer to UWM for a bachelor’s degree? Or am I already admitted?

    If you would like to pursue a bachelor’s degree at UWM, an application and academic materials will need to be submitted for review. The exact application process will be determined by Sept. 15, 2018.

  • What is going to happen to the guaranteed transfer program?

    The guaranteed transfer programs will continue to be honored. UW System also is working to improve transfer options to all comprehensive and research institutions.

  • Can I still transfer to other UW four-year institutions, or do I have to go to UWM?

    Students will still be able to transfer between all UW System institutions, as long as they meet an institution’s admissions requirements. One of the major goals of this proposal is to make transferring credits within the UW System easier.

  • I enjoy the small classes at UW-Waukesha/UW-Washington County. Will class sizes increase after my campus joins UWM? How big are classes as UWM?

    Class sizes vary depending upon the course, enrollment and the faculty’s determination of the most appropriate mode of instruction. That said, we do not anticipate an increase in class sizes at any of the three campuses. At UW-Waukesha, the average class size is currently about 25 students. At UW-Washington County, it is 24. At UWM, the average class size is 26, and more than 40 percent of our undergraduate classes have 19 or fewer students in them.

  • Will I still have access to tutoring and support services after July 1? Will UWM add support services at my campus?

    Yes, academic tutoring and other support services will continue to be available to you. No additional resources have been identified at this time, but conversations will continue throughout the next year to determine what support is needed.

  • What will happen to my professors? Will they lose their jobs because they don’t have tenure?

    There is no plan to lay off professors. Planning for restructuring includes establishing a system for faculty governance that provides faculty at the two-year campuses with a voice in determining how tenure will be granted. That planning is still in progress.

  • Will my financial aid be affected?

    No changes are expected in the financial aid packages processed and awarded.

  • How will student segregated fees be affected?

    A Student Affairs team, which includes members who are students, is examining the issue of segregated fees. Part of their work has involved a survey of UW-Waukesha and UW-Washington County students regarding their preferences. No decisions have been made yet.

  • How will my tuition be affected?

    Tuition for the 2018-19 school year will remain unchanged. We know the two-year campuses are important access points for many students, and we are committed to keeping higher education affordable.

  • I chose UW-Waukesha/UW-Washington County in part because I wasn’t ready to choose a major. Will I need to choose one after July 1? What support does UWM offer for students who haven’t yet chosen majors?

    No, you do not need to pick a major as part of the restructuring. Academic advisors will work with you on selecting appropriate courses that support your academic exploration and help you identify the best pathway into a major. Along with academic advising, UWM offers career and major exploration fairs, career planning resources and a breadth of general education requirements that will support any major you eventually choose.

  • If I want to take some classes at UWM’s main campus in Milwaukee, will I have that option?

    To enroll at UWM’s main campus, you must be admitted to UWM in a bachelor’s degree program. In the future, some courses may be available to you, but not at this time.

  • Will I have to travel to Milwaukee for classes?

    No, you’ll take classes at the campus you applied to, Waukesha or Washington County.

  • What school will I be going to after July 1? What will its name be?

    You will be a student at UWM. Based on input from Waukesha and Washington County students and stakeholders, UWM will submit a request for the two-year campuses to be known as University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Waukesha and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County, respectively. Signage on the branch campuses will also utilize “Waukesha Campus” and “Washington County Campus”.  The Board of Regents will review the request at their August 2018 meeting.

  • I am a current student at UW-Waukesha/UW-Washington County. Will I still be able to take classes at my campus?

    Yes. Some course names may change to align with those at UWM, but you will still have access to the same course and program offerings. One of our future goals is to offer more courses at the Waukesha and West Bend campuses in partnership with UWM.