FAQ- Facilities and Services

  • Will email addresses for faculty, staff, and students in the CGS be changing?

    Email addresses will change for CGS employees at a yet undetermined future date. CITS will provide ample communications about the changes prior to implementation.

  • Who will be responsible for the Waukesha and Washington County facilities?

    It is expected that the counties will continue to support campus facilities. Existing maintenance and custodial staff will continue to provide maintenance of the facilities.

  • Will faculty and staff be reimbursed for travel for shared governance or other required meetings at UWM? Will Skype meetings still be possible?

    Required travel is reimbursed. Skype meetings will continue to be cost-effective means of conducting business.

  • Will transportation be provided for students traveling among the three campuses to take classes?

    Students will continue to register at just one campus, choosing the one that best fits their needs. As a result, we do not anticipate the need to provide students with transportation between the three campuses.

  • How will services that are currently centrally provided to UW Colleges be provided in the future?

    The decisions about how centralized services for the two-year colleges will be provided, including human resources, IT support and marketing, is being managed differently for each area. For example, human resources and IT will be managed by centralized staff housed in Madison in the near term, while facilities and marketing have been transferred to UW-Milwaukee. There is a goal to determine the future of all such services during the 2018-19 year.

  • UWM has a lot of food options at its campus. Can we get some of those options at my campus?

    Planning teams are looking at auxiliary services, such as food offerings, to determine the best way to provide quality options at affordable prices. No decisions have been made yet.