FAQ – Curriculum

  • Will interdisciplinary programs, such as the Gender and Sexuality and Women Studies programs at UWM at Waukesha, be housed within the UWM College of General Studies? Similar (but different) programs also exist at UW-Milwaukee.

    UWM has cross-department and inter-college programs. Like curriculum integration and other inter-college collaborations, discussions on these programs will continue this academic year.

  • How will collaborative degree programs work after the restructuring when UW System institutions other than UWM, UWM at Waukesha, and UWM at Washington County are involved?

    Collaborative degree programs with other institutions are still being discussed. A primary focus in these discussions is ensuring that the needs of the students currently enrolled in those programs continue to be met.

  • What is the status of the reimagined degree?

    Yes, Provost Britz has asked that CGS move forward with the reimagined AAS degree. In 2015, UW System mandated the updating of associate’s degrees as part of the UW LEAP initiative (SYS 115, adopted June 2015). The UW Colleges’ reimagined AAS degree complies with this UW System mandate and is modeled on AAUP’s LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. UWM’s College of Letters & Science has started discussions about GER reform using this model.

  • Are there any updates on how there will be collaboration with other schools/colleges at UWM to align CGS courses with those at UWM? What is the timeframe for getting this done? What is the role of governance in this process?

    A working group has started the curriculum integration process. CGS faculty and staff collected old and new course guides and course syllabi. The appropriate departments at UWM are working to review and compare CGS course guides and syllabi with their own. As UWM departments complete their reviews, the working group will coordinate with future CGS governance representatives to address any changes. In order to prepare UWM’s timetable for fall 2019 semester, the entire review and approval process should be completed by December 2018.

    In addition, discussions with other UWM schools and colleges about collaborative programming at CGS are starting. Many of these discussions are ongoing and will continue into the next academic year.

  • How will general education courses be managed across the three campuses, particularly when there is duplication in the courses?

    The Associate of Arts and Sciences degree will be overseen by the new UWM College of General Studies. UWM does not currently offer an associate’s degree. The Academic Affairs Functional Team is currently looking at the integration of curriculum, focusing on the UW Colleges’ courses and UWM’s general education courses. This team is looking at which courses are transfer equivalents and discussing nonequivalent transfer courses with UWM department chairs. Ultimately, there will be no “duplication” of courses since all courses will be UWM courses.

  • Where will UW Flexible Option degrees be housed?

    The Flex Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree will be housed in and managed by the new UWM College of General Studies. Management of UWM’s Flex bachelor’s degrees will remain unchanged.