FAQ – Budget

  • Will faculty and staff be reimbursed for travel for shared governance or other required meetings at UWM? Will Skype meetings still be possible?

    Required travel is reimbursed. Skype meetings will continue to be cost-effective means of conducting business.

  • How is the budget for the CGS to be determined? When will the budget for the CGS be determined?

    Early in the restructuring process, UW System drafted a tentative budget distribution model using the UW Colleges’ existing budget model. The draft budget distribution model includes three budget areas: region, campus and central services. The distribution proportions and timing vary by area. Details and distribution timing remain under negotiation. For the most part, the future CGS budget will be the budget allocations UW System transfers to UWM.

  • It feels like decisions about who will serve in specific positions in the CGS will be made before the organizational structure is clearly defined and finalized. What safeguards will be in place to ensure that the faculty have input on the decisions?

    A draft organizational chart was created for the Higher Learning Commission for purposes of the accreditation review that took place from approximately January to June 2018 and for the creation of a new college within UWM. The draft organizational chart was created to be consistent with UWM organizational practices. This draft CGS organization chart was reviewed and approved by UWM faculty governance in spring 2018, as part of the approval process for the new College of General Studies (CGS). The CGS draft organization chart will be subject to budgetary constraints. Given that the UW Colleges budget being transferred to UWM continues to be reviewed with some parts of the budget not transferring until mid-2019, the organization chart is a work in progress with pieces approved following UWM leadership review. UWM leadership will have the final determination regarding organizational structure.

  • Will the two-year campuses be able to continue to hire for positions at their individual campuses or will the UWM Strategic Position Control apply to them as well?

    The College of General Studies, just like other UWM Colleges/Schools will be under Strategic Position Control (SPC). SPC is a mechanism to control expenditures at UW-Milwaukee given the fluctuations in enrollments. UWM’s Provost Britz and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen oversees this process. SPC is functionally like the UW Colleges’ past practice of reviewing hiring decisions based on an enrollment adjusted budget model.

  • Will the TRIO programs in Milwaukee and Waukesha be combined during the restructuring?

    The TRIO Student Support Services Program is a federally funded program. UW Colleges transferred the Principal Investigator along with the grant to UW-Whitewater. The Principal Investigator at UW-Whitewater will continue to be responsible for administration of TRIO grant activities at the Waukesha campus. More information can be found here on the UW System website.