Sport Club Officials Payment Page


UW-Milwaukee University will be using ArbiterPay+, a product of ArbiterPay, to issue payments.  The following guide will help both officials that are new to ArbiterPay and those that already have accounts be prepared for payment.

Already have an ArbiterPay Account?

If you already have an ArbiterPay account, you do not need create a new one.

Because funds sent by clients using ArbiterPay+ are automatically sent to you (you do not need to log into ArbiterPay to transfer the funds), you’ll want to make sure your preference for how you receive these automatic payments is set correctly.  To do this, log in at and go to My Profile / My Preferences.  The ArbiterPay Direct Payment setting determines how you receive funds from conferences using ArbiterPay+.

New to ArbiterPay?

ArbiterPay is a website that stores your W9 information and payment preferences so that conferences or universities can pay you electronically.  You will need to create an ArbiterPay account.

To create your account visit and click the Sign Up Today button.  The following instructions will help you through the setup process.  Click the Next button to complete each step.

Step 1 – Type of User

Select the Sports Official option (even if you worked an event in a role other than a sports official).

Step 2 – Your Information

Complete all required fields, which are indicated by an asterisk.  Driver’s License information is not required.  Only indicate a Company Name if you have incorporated your officiating business.  It is recommended that you provide a phone number.

Step 3 – Your Physical Address

Enter your physical address.

Step 4 – Your Mailing Address

Enter your mailing address or check the Same As Physical Address box.

Step 5 – Your Bank Account Information

It is strongly recommended that you provide bank information so that you can be paid by direct deposit.  Officials do not currently incur a check-issuance fee when receiving funds by check, but that policy could change.  Direct deposit is always free.

Your bank’s routing number and your account number can be found on one of your checks, as shown in the image on the Step 5 screen.

You DO NOT need to check the Yes option under Preferences to have your funds automatically transferred to you.  Officials using direct deposit with ArbiterPay+ always have the funds automatically transferred to them.  This is one of the differences between ArbiterPay+ and ArbiterPay.

Step 6 – Security Question

Select a security question and set an answer.  You’ll need to be able to answer this security question should you need help resetting your username or password later.

Step 7 – Preferences

Set a username, password and four-digit PIN.  These will be used to log into the website and to make changes to your profile or payment preferences.

Select to receive a Debit Card if you’d like to have a debit card mailed to you and to which all payments will post.  There is a $4.95 charge (deducted from your first payment) to receive a debit card.

If you have an ArbiterSports account (whether you receive assignments or not), check the Yes box for that field.  You will be asked for your ArbiterSports username and password.  If you’ve forgotten your information or not sure what your password is, please visit the ArbiterSports’ reset password page at

Step 8

Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Your ArbiterPay account is now set up.  If you entered bank information, payments will be deposited to your bank account within 24-48 hours of the conference releasing the funds.  If you did not enter bank information, checks should arrive within 5-7 days of the conference releasing funds.

If you have further questions regarding signing up at ArbiterPay, please contact our Customer Success group at or call 800-311-4060.

Once an account has been created for the official, you as an officer must fill out the Referee Invoice_ArbiterPay and turn that into your Sport Club Coordinator. All of the filed on the form must be completed for us to approve the payment.

Payments cannot be processed without _______ sport club officer approval.