Sport Clubs Leadership Council (SCLC)

2021-2022 Sport Club Leadership Council Executive Board

Membership Terms

  • Each member shall serve a term of twelve months
  • Three Executive board members, as well as four leadership committee members, will be elected in early April
  • The official terms of service will begin immediately following their respective elections
  • Each member shall maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Required hours of work: 2-8 hours a week.

Expectations of the Executive Board

  • To serve on the Executive Board and attend all Executive Board meetings
  • To attend all General Board meetings and report to the General Body the state and progress of their respective positions
  • To assist in revision and to provide written feedback for the following academic year
  • To represent the voice and interest of their specific Sport Club
  • To be fiscally responsible in the budgeting of SCLC fees for leadership development, programming, and recognition of outstanding Sport Club participants
  • To faithfully execute all duties spelled out in the Constitution and Concurrent Governing Documents of the SCLC
  • To engage in the execution of the mission statement and goals of the SCLC
  • To dutifully executes any other jobs as mandated by the President or the General Body

Duties of the President:

  • To preside over SCLC Executive Board Meetings
  • To preside over all General Body meetings and call Emergency Meetings as needed
  • To meet individually with the Advisor at least monthly or as needed
  • To educate General Body Representatives in the procedures of SCLC
  • To prepare and distribute each SCLC meeting agenda at least three (3) business days prior to the convocation of the meeting
  • Keep regular contact with SCLC Representatives and UREC in order to best facilitate the implementation of policies that are responsible, fair and holds all Sport Clubs to the highest standards of accountability and professionalism
  • To provide advice and counsel for the President-Elect
  • To be the primary representative for Sport Clubs and the main contact for all Sport Clubs
  • To mentor new Sport Clubs

Duties of the Vice President

  • To act as President, in absence of the President, and perform duties as delegated by the President
  • To attend all SCLC Executive Board meetings and General Body meetings
  • Attend any and all opportunities to promote the Sports Club organization
  • To facilitate distribution of news updates on social media accounts
  • To plan fundraising and marketing events
  • To promote the Sport Clubs with updates in conjunction with UREC, with UWM Today, WUWM Radio Station, UWM Post, and other media outlets affecting the UWM community for Outreach news
  • Coordinate fundraising and event planning for Sport Clubs

Duties of the Treasurer

  • To act as President, in absence of the President and Vice President, and perform duties as delegated by the President.
  • To chair all financial decisions and events.
  • To attend all SCLC Executive Board meetings and General Body meetings.

Sport Club Leadership Committee

  • Attend meetings with the coordinator and Sport Club Leadership Council.
  • Attend general body meetings.
  • Plan/work/attend all sport club events (fair, Recfest, welcome back events, promotional events)
  • Organize fundraising events and closely work with RSC.
  • Creations of marking materials and designs.
  • Coordinate with finance chair.
  • Attend spring budget presentations and deliberations.


  • Attendance at all meetings or members may be subject to dismissal from the committee
  • Missing one meeting will be a warning, two meetings will be put to a vote to the executive board, with deciding vote from the professional staff.
  • One member per club may be allowed to represent any of the positions.
  • A minimum number of outreach events is required to be attended, to be determined by the executive board upon the beginning of each semester.
  • Attendance is required for all budget allocation meetings, presentations, and deliberations