Officer Resources

Officer Forms

Air Travel Setup Form
Driver’s Authorization Website
Equipment Check Out Request – Fall 2018
Individual Travel Excuse Request Form “MUST BE COMPLETED 8 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE”
Klotsche Center or Pavilion Facility Request Form “MUST BE COMPLETED 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE”
Merchandise/Branding Approval Form
Nationals (Post-Season) Funding Request Form
Sport Club Coaches Website
Sport Club Injury Report
Sport Clubs Professor Excuse Letter Request
Competition Itinerary/Vehicle Request Form “MUST BE COMPLETED 8 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE”
Sport Club Waiver

Documents and Policies:

Sport Club Bylaws 2018-2019
Sport Club Handbook 2018-2019
Sport Club Constitution 2018-2019
Approved Sport Club Logos
Licensing and Enforcement Website (The UWM Licensing and Enforcement Program is designed to protect the logos, seals, names, symbols and slogans associated with the University and are the exclusive property of UWM. Reproduction of these marks for resale, promotional or other commercial purposes must have university authorization. This protects against the manufacture, display or sale of merchandise without the university’s consent.)

Athletico Athletic Training Information:


Athletic Training Appointment Request

Office Hours: Click on this link 

Location: Klotsche 120A
*Must be on an official Sport Club roster to be eligible for treatment

East Side Location Information