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What are Sport Clubs and how are they affiliated with the UWM?

The Sport Clubs Program is administered by the Department of University Recreation. Sport Clubs are started, organized, and managed by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students. Sport Clubs are only open to segregated fee paying UW-Milwaukee students.

Why should I join/what are the benefits?
The Sport Clubs program brings together people that share common interest and offers members the opportunity to grow within their leadership, team work and competitive skills. Other benefits include living a healthy active lifestyle, team camaraderie, lifelong friends, professional development and lots of fun. Whether you are seeking a high level of competition, learning a new sport or skill, or simply wanting to meet new people or enjoy some recreational fun, Sport Clubs can offer you a great experience.
How do I join a sport club?

Most Sport Clubs recruit new members in the beginning of fall semester, but some take new members at any point of the year. In order to join a club, check the full list of active sport clubs. With each link you will find contact information for the desired club. Contact the president and they will be able to give you all the information to join their club. 

Do sport clubs have try-outs?

Most clubs are open to anyone who either wants to continue an activity they currently participate in or to anyone who wants to try a new sport. However, there are a few clubs that do hold try-outs due to their competitive nature, limited facilities, and roster size.

How often do the sport clubs practice and compete?

The number of weekly practices and competitions vary widely for each club. Some clubs practice up to four days of week and compete every weekend, while others practice just one day a week and compete just three times a semester. You can contact the club president of the team that you are interested in to find out specific practice and competition information.

How does a sport club operate?

Sport Clubs are run by the student officers in the club. A club must have a least four officers. The officers are responsible for the successful operations of the club including, but not limited to budgeting, scheduling practices and events, fundraising, policy adherence and communicating with the Sport Clubs administrative staff. Some clubs do have volunteer coaches that work with club leaders to improve the athletic skills of club members.

How much does it cost to participate in a sport club?

The cost of being a member of a sport club greatly varies depending on which club you are interested in joining. Each team has team dues either annually or by semester, but additional costs could be added depending on personal gear, equipment, travel and other club activities.

What is the Sport Clubs Leadership Council?

The Sport Clubs Leadership Council (SCLC) is the student advisory group of the Sport Clubs Program. The council works with the Sport Clubs Program Staff in shaping the future of the Sport Clubs program and assisting the administration, including disciplinary review and the evaluation of annual club budget request. All sport club members are eligible to run for a position on the SCLC (president, vice president, treasurer, campus relations coordinator).

How do I start a Sport Club?

The Sport Clubs Program is always growing to meet the needs of the UWM student population. Students interested in forming a new sport club must meet all criteria and follow the steps in the recognition process.

Your first step in forming a new sport club is to initiate communication with the Sport Clubs Program Professional Staff and schedule a meeting to discuss the process and potential of forming a new sport club.

Please note that the entire process may take several weeks if not months to complete depending on what type of club you are wanting to form and the time during the school year you initiate the process.

Sport Clubs Program Professional staff can be contacted at