Outdoor Pursuits Student Scholarship Committee Application


  • Current UWM students are eligible to apply for a volunteer position on the Outdoor Pursuits Student Scholarship Committee. Students in this role have an instrumental leadership opportunity and work to collaboratively review applications, discuss award decisions, and award financial assistance to applicants. In order to apply for this position, please use the application on this web page (below).
  • Applications for committee positions are reviewed by current committee members and the faculty/staff advisor. Offers for scholarship committee positions are made based on the application review process and availability of positions on the committee. 
  • Students who are currently serving on the scholarship committee are not eligible for scholarship awards due to conflict of interest. However, students are eligible to apply before or after their time serving on the scholarship committee. 
  • Student committee members are appointed for a term of either one or two semesters, based on availability of positions, their commitments, and other considerations. There is currently no limit to the amount of terms that a student can serve on the committee. 
  • Student committee members are required to help plan, promote, and facilitate at least one fundraising event per semester as part of their involvement in the committee and to ensure sustainability of the scholarship fund.


OP Student Scholarship Committee Application