UW-Milwaukee Outdoor Pursuits Student Scholarship Fund & Application

Please read all scholarship details, policies, and procedures prior to applying.

Details are available below and at OP Student Scholarship Info (Web).

To provide financial assistance in order to increase access for students to participate in outdoor trips and programs offered by UW-Milwaukee University Recreation, Outdoor Pursuits. 


We believe that everyone should have access to outdoor recreation opportunities, and this scholarship is a way to help provide unforgettable experiences to students that would otherwise be unable to participate. In 2017-2018, student employees and outdoor recreation participants noticed a need for financial assistance so that students of any background could participate in outdoor recreation opportunities while studying at UWM. Outdoor recreation programs offered by UWM University Recreation are heavily subsidized by student segregated fees, but often come with an additional cost due to the travel, services, and logistics related to long-format recreation programs. These costs sometimes prohibit student participation in programs that are offered through UWM University Recreation. 



  • UWM Student applicants must be degree-seeking and currently paying segregated fees. During the summer, students must either have paid summer segregated fees or have paid segregated fees in the spring semester before the Outdoor Pursuits program occurs and have, also, purchased a UREC summer membership. 
  • Outdoor Pursuits staff and current members of the scholarship review committee are not eligible to apply for scholarship awards. 
  • Financial assistance is only able to be used toward UWM University Recreation Outdoor Pursuits programs. Outdoor Pursuits will apply the scholarship as a credit to the student. 
  • Students can receive multiple awards, or a singular award, but the maximum lifetime award for this scholarship is $300 in total. 
  • Students are encouraged to apply for assistance 4-6 weeks before the desired program. For programs priced $150 or more, students are encouraged to apply 8-16 weeks prior. 
  • Applications are typically responded to within 2-3 week of applying for assistance. 
  • Applicants are notified of the receipt of their application, and potential awards that are offered or not offered, via their @uwm email address.  
  • Applicants must accept/decline awards within 7 calendar days of receiving an email. If the award is accepted, Outdoor Pursuits will work with the student to apply the amount as a credit and settle any remaining balance due for the program or activity.  If the student wishes to decline, the award cannot be transferred to any other program and the student must reapply for future awards because they are specific to each event.  
  • Amount of awards given out will vary based on available funds and number of applicants.



A student committee consisting of no less than two students and no more than six students will decide which applicants receive financial assistance. The scholarship review committee reserves the right to request further documentation or an in-person or phone meeting with the scholarship applicant to have further dialogue regarding submitted applications. A UWM faculty/staff member from University Recreation will serve as an adviser to the scholarship review committee. Decisions made by the committee are final, with no option for appeal.



  • Current UWM students are eligible to apply for a volunteer position on the Outdoor Pursuits Student Scholarship Committee. Students in this role have an instrumental leadership opportunity and work to collaboratively review applications, discuss award decisions, and award financial assistance to applicants. In order to apply for this position, please visit https://uwm.edu/urec/outdoor-pursuits/scholarshipcommitteeapp/.
  • Applications for committee positions are reviewed by current committee members and the faculty/staff advisor. Offers for scholarship committee positions are made based on the application review process and availability of positions on the committee. 
  • Students who are currently serving on the scholarship committee are not eligible for scholarship awards due to conflict of interest. However, students are eligible to apply before or after their time serving on the scholarship committee. 
  • Student committee members are appointed for a term of either one or two semesters, based on availability of positions, their commitments, and other considerations. There is currently no limit to the amount of terms that a student can serve on the committee. 
  • Student committee members are required to help plan, promote, and facilitate at least one fundraising event per semester as part of their involvement in the committee and to ensure sustainability of the scholarship fund.


Outdoor Pursuits Student Scholarship Application

  • Please provide information about the activity you desire to participate in using scholarship funds if awarded. For example, "Surfing on Lake Michigan, October 11 (7AM-10AM)".