OP Trip Leader Apprentice Application

UWM University Recreation: Outdoor Pursuits

Description of Trip Leader Apprentice Position:
The trip leader apprenticeship is a volunteer experience designed to help students experience the role and responsibility of the trip leader position, prior to being considered for a position at UWM Outdoor Pursuits. The apprenticeship is made to be an immersion experience in outdoor leadership, allowing students to be mentored by current trip leaders, program assistants, and the Program Director. NEW FOR 2021: Trip leader apprentices will be offered employment as Customer Service Representatives and complete their apprenticeship during spring semester.

Trip Leader Apprentice Expectations:
Students in this position are permitted the opportunity to attend programs and have fees waived, in exchange for their volunteer assistance for 4-8 weeks of outdoor programming. The apprenticeship consists of many opportunities to assist current trip leaders with trip responsibilities which includes planning, logistics, facilitation, risk management, and instructing. Trip leader apprentices are expected to assist with at least six activities during their apprenticeship, including one overnight trip, two day trips, and three other activities (bike rides, shorter trips, clinics). Apprentices will be required to collaborate with the program director and current trip leaders to schedule staffing in a way that maximizes the learning experience for all of the apprentices involved in the program.

Timeline of Apprenticeship Application Process:
September 1-November 11, 2020: Application Open for Submissions
November 12-18, 2020: Interviews Offered & Interviews Occur
November 19-30, 2020: Apprenticeship Offers Made

Timeline of Apprenticeship & Employment:
November 30-December 23, 2020: Staff Orientation Meetings Occur
January 18-22, 2021: Paid Training as Customer Service Representatives (CSR)
January 25, 2021: Apprentices Start Working Paid Hours as CSRs
January 25-29, 2021: Apprenticeship Orientation
January 30 – May 9, 2021: Apprenticeship Takes Place
May 2 – May 14, 2021: Apprenticeship Evaluations
May 15 – May 22, 2021: Trip Leader Job Offers Made

Contact Information Regarding Apprenticeship:
AJ Heil ~ Outdoor Pursuits Program Director
414-229-7261  or   heila@uwm.edu

OP Trip Leader Apprenticeship Application

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