Table Tennis League



Monday – February 22nd

  • 3pm Hui vs Mohammad (2-0)
  • 3:40pm Jack vs Tsimneej (2-0)
  • 4:20pm Abel vs Johann (Abel Forfeited 0-2)
  • 5:30 (special start time): Stefano vs Marceau (0-2)

Wednesday – February 24th 

  • 3pm  Jeromey vs Carlos (0-2)
  • 3:40pm Garrett vs Noah (2-0)
  • 4:20pm Richard vs Osama (0-2)
  • 5pm John vs Shaun

Monday – March 1st

  • Mohammad vs Tsimneej 3:50pm (Mohammad Forfeited 0-2)
  • Marceau vs Hui 4:30pm (0-2)
  • Stefano vs Jack 5:15pm (0-2)

Wednesday – March 3rd

  • Johann vs Carlos 3:00pm
  • Garrett vs Jeromey 3:50pm
  • John vs Osama 4:20pm
  • Noah vs Shaun 5:00pm

Monday – March 8th 

  • John vs Johann 3:50pm
  • Mohammad vs Jeromey 4:30pm
  • Tsimneej vs Stefano 5:15pm

Wednesday – March 10th

  • Jack vs Noah 3:00pm
  • Carlos vs Hui 3:40pm
  • Garrett vs Osama 4:20pm
  • Marceau vs Shaun 5:15pm


Name  Games Won  Games Lost Winning %
Hui 2 0 100%
Jack 2 0 100%
Jahann 1 0 100%
Carlos 1 0 100%
Garett 1 0 100%
Osama 1 0 100%
Tsimneej 1 1 50%
Marceau 1 1 50%
Abel 0 1 0%
Mohammad 0 2 0%
Stefano 0 2 0%
Richard 0 1 0%



  • Players must also be registered on the online roster on Fusion IM before participation will be allowed.
  • One player per roster.

Playing Court

  • Table Tennis tables in Racquetball courts

Game Format 

  • Teams play each game to 11 points and must win by 2.
  • Teams will play a best of 3 series. If one team wins the first 2 games, the 3rd game is not necessary.


  • Paddles and game balls will be provided.
  • Players may bring their own paddles.

Playing the Game

The Serve:

  • Ball needs to be tossed straight up
  • Serve can land anywhere
  • If serve hits the net, it is a Let

Service Sequence

  • Alternate serves every two points


  • Rally scoring; can score points on opponents serve
  • Games are normally played to 11 points, win by 2.
  • Best of three

Rules and Regulations


  • No volley rule: The ball must bounce before it can be hit
  • If your hit bounces back over the net by itself it is your point
  • Touching the ball with your paddle hand is allowed
  • You may not touch the ball with your non-paddle hand
  • An “edge” ball bouncing off the horizontal table top surface is good


  • If neither player can come to an agreement on the play, it is to be re-played.


  • Sportsmanship is an important part of any intramural contest.  Teams, players and spectators who engage in negative sportsmanship may be disqualified from current and futurecontests and playoffs, as well as other UREC and Intramural activities. Please see the Sportsmanship Policies for more in depth coverage on expectations and repercussions.


  • Game time is forfeit time, however, the team or individual(s) who are ready to play may choose to give the opponent 5 minutes to have the minimum number of players properly signed in to begin a game.
  • A forfeit fee will be administered to the teams/individuals that forfeit their game/match. It is a $15 fee for individual sports. Failure to pay this within 2 weeks after championship night will result in a hold on the team captain’s PAWS account.
  • More information on forfeits can be found in the Defaults, Forfeits and Drops Policy document.