Policies and Procedures

CoRec League Requirements


ActivityTeam SizeNeeded to Begin GameCoRec MinCoRec Max*
5v5 Basketball5 Players4 Players2 females & 2 males3 males & 2 females/ 2 males & 3 females
8v8 Flag Football7 Players5 Players3 females & 2 males/ 2 females & 3 males 4 males & 4 females
3v3 Soccer3 players2 Players1 male & 1 female 2 males & 1 female/1 male & 2 females
5v5 Soccer5 Players3 players2 males & 1 female/1male & 2 females 3 males & 2 females/2 males & 3 females
4v4 Volleyball4 players2 players1 male & 1 female 2 males & 2 females
6v6 Volleyball6 players4 players2 males & 2 females 3 males & 3 females

*The difference between female/male participating for a team may not be greater than one (1)

Defaults, Forfeits & Drops


A default is recorded when a team is unable to play as scheduled and notifies the Intramural Office prior to the game, as outlined below.

  1. Defaults must be filed by the team captain by sending an email to the Intramural Sports Office (imsports@uwm.eduno later than 3:00 PM the day of the game during the week and 3:00 PM Friday for games held on Sunday. Default requests will not be taken over the phone or be able to be submitted online via Fusion IM.
  2. The team defaulting will receive a 3 rating for their Team Sportsmanship Rating for that specific game. The opposing team will receive a 5 rating.
  3. A team is allowed one default in a season. A default will not result in a fine.  Any subsequent attempt to default a game will be treated as a forfeit and all policies governing forfeits will be enforced.


If a team or contestant fails to appear at the appointed place at the scheduled time, the Intramural Sports Supervisor will declare the game or match forfeited. Game time is forfeit time, however, the team or individual(s) who are ready to play may choose to give the opponent 10 minutes to have the minimum number of players properly signed in to begin a game. If the team or individual(s) are still not able to begin the game after the 10 minute extension, a forfeit will be declared. If the 10 minute extension is granted, the game clock will be started and any time that is taken off the game clock will be subtracted from the game. If neither team is ready to play at game time, a double forfeit will be declared.

A forfeit fee will be administered to all teams/individuals that forfeit their game/match. The forfeit fees are as follows; $15 for singles/doubles sports and $30 for team sports. Failure to pay this within 2 weeks after championship night will result in a hold on the team captain’s PAWS account.

  1. For team sports, the names of all eligible and present team members for both teams must be checked in online via Fusion IM. A team must demonstrate to the Intramural Sports Supervisor that they have enough players to properly start a contest. Then, and only then, will a forfeit be declared.
  2. A forfeit by an individual or team will justify a forfeit fee.  A second forfeit during league play will eliminate further participation by the team or individual(s). The forfeits are NOT required to be consecutive for a team or individuals to be dropped from the league.
  3. One forfeit in a single elimination tournament will eliminate a team or individual(s) from further competition.
  4. Any team or individual(s) that declares a default during the season will have any subsequent attempt to default a game or match ruled as a forfeit and will be dropped from further participation in the league.

Example: If a team defaults their first game and then forfeits their fourth game, that team will then be dropped from further participation in the league.

  1. A team will receive a 2 rating for Team Sportsmanship for a forfeit.  The opposing team will receive 5 rating.
  2. Results will be posted as follows for games that are forfeited or defaulted in favor of the non-forfeiting team or individual(s):
Basketball 12 – 0 Badminton 2 – 0
Dodgeball 4 – 0 Racquetball 2 – 0
Indoor Flag Football 12 – 0 Pickleball 2 – 0
Floor Hockey 4 – 0 Spikeball 2 – 0
Futsal 4 – 0
Indoor Soccer 4 – 0
Volleyball 2 – 0

If a team wishes to cease from further participation in a sport, they have the option to drop from the league.

  1. Drops must be filed by the team captain in person in the Intramural Sports Office or by sending an email to the Intramural Sports email account: imsports@uwm.edu. Drop requests will not be taken over the phone.
  2. Teams/individuals who drop from their league will be administered a drop fee of $15 following the captains meeting.
  3. If a team forfeits their game, and decides they want to drop their team from the league, the drop fee will be waived, but that team will still have to pay the forfeit fee.
Ejection Policy


Following an ejection, the ejected University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Intramural Sports participant will be immediately ineligible for further participation in any intramural sports activity until cleared by the Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs Coordinator. Ejected participants will also be immediately escorted to retrieve any personal items, escorted out of UREC facilities, and suspended from reentry into all UREC facilities for the remainder of the day of their ejection.

In addition to the immediate player suspension, any additional repercussions will be determined by the Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs Coordinator. The ejected individual will receive an email notification regarding the ejection and will be responsible for subsequently scheduling an appointment with the Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs Coordinator to review the incident and behavior leading up to the ejection (see Individual Player conduct expectations in the Sportsmanship, Team & Player Conduct Policy) and discuss such repercussions.  In addition, any unsportsmanlike conduct by players or fans may cause a team to be disqualified from further intramural competition.

Ejected participants and incidents may also be reported and forwarded to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Police Department and/or Dean of Students Office for further investigation and review. Any punishments imposed by such entities shall be cumulative with those imposed by Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs.



A participant may appeal any sanctions decision rendered by the Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs Coordinator to the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. An appeal must be submitted in writing to the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs within seven business days of the decision made by the Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs Coordinator. The Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs will then make a final decision as to whether or not the sanctions will be upheld. The decision of the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs is not appealable.

* All University Recreation conduct policies are based on the Student Conduct Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures contained within UWS Chapter 17, UWS Chapter 18 & Faculty Document #2033.

Eligibility Policy


Undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee are eligible for participation in the Intramural Sports Program.


Any student that withdraws from the University, for any reason, is immediately ineligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. The participant’s eligibility is not reinstated until the first day of classes for the subsequent semester in which they are enrolled.


Intramural Sports participants must pay all of their UWM Segregated University Fees in order to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. All participants must present their current University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Identification Card to an on-duty Intramural Sports Supervisor, Official and/or Scorekeeper prior to each game or match.


Alumni members and the spouses of Faculty/Staff of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are ineligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty/Staff are eligible with a valid membership.


Participants are considered part of a team’s roster once they sign in on the scorecard to participate with that team. Participants may be added to the team roster any time during play of that specific activity.  All added participants must meet all Intramural Sports eligibility policies to be a valid roster addition.  Addition of players is limited to the number of available roster spots. Once a player has played a game for a team, they are not allowed to change teams for the remainder of that season.


No player may participate on more than one team in the same sport/activity with the following exception:

  1. A player may participate in both a gender specific (Men’s Open or Women’s) league and a COED league in the same sport/activity.
  2. Women may play on a team in a Men’s Open league provided they are not participating on a team in a Women’s league in the same sport.

Violation of Article 6 will result in the individual being suspended for the remainder of the season in the sport in which the violation(s) occurred. In addition, the second team in which the player participated with will forfeit all contests in which the ineligible player participated.  A forfeit fee will be assessed when applicable.


Any player using an assumed name will be declared ineligible for the remainder of that sport and will be suspended from any other intramural activity in which s/he is participating indefinitely. If the player is a team member, all games in which s/he played or plays will be forfeited by the team(s).  A forfeit fee will be assessed when applicable. In the event an Intramural Sports professional staff member, supervisor, official, and/or scorekeeper discovers the deception prior to the event or game, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Identification Card will be confiscated and turned over to the Dean of Students Office for violation of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Student Code of Conduct. Additional forms of identification will be asked for to prove one’s identity in this instance. See Article 10 of the Ejection Policy for further information.


In order to be eligible to receive an award (trophy and/or t-shirt) in an individual sport, a participant must be on the roster and have competed at least one time in that sport throughout the regular season and playoffs.


Any student receiving financial aid based on athletic ability is ineligible for participation in that Intramural Sport and/or related activities. See Article 12 for related activities.


Any person listed on the Squad List for any athletic team at any NCAA Division I or II collegiate institution is not eligible to participate in that Intramural Sport and/or related activities until THREE CALENDAR YEARS have passed since their last participation in the varsity sport. This stipulation will begin after the current semester in which the participant ends the association with the team. This policy applies to transfer students as well as to University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee athletes.

EXCEPTION: Any player that quits and/or is cut from the Squad List of an athletic team at any NCAA Division I collegiate institution is not eligible to participate in THAT Intramural Sport and/or related activity until ONE CALENDAR YEAR has passed since their last participation in the varsity sport. The start of the sit out period still applies as stated above.

Example: A soccer player exhausts their eligibility from the team during the spring season. The player is ineligible to participate in the same spring semester of Intramural Indoor Soccer Season.  Their clock to sit out would begin in the Fall Semester following that spring semester, and continue on through the next three years. They would then be able to participate in the Fall Semester after those three years have passed.


Professional athletes will be restricted in the same manner as described in Article 10. An athlete is deemed to be professional when s/he signs a contract and receives compensation with any organized professional or semi-professional team.


Candidates for intercollegiate athletic squads (including red-shirted athletes) are not eligible for intramural sports participation in the sports in which they are practicing and related activities as listed below:

Basketball – Basketball

Football – Indoor Flag Football 

Soccer – Indoor Soccer, 3v3 Soccer, Sand Soccer  

Tennis – Tennis

Volleyball – Volleyball, Sand Volleyball


Members of sport clubs are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. Current sport club athletes may participate in the same or related intramural sport in which they participate as a sport club member. However, only 50% of the maximum people allowed on the intramural field/court for that sport can be on the intramural roster for each team. This rule applies to any “member” of a student organization of that related sport.  Sport club membership will be determined by the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs along with rosters that each club must turn in at a time determined by the Sport Club Leadership Council and the Sport Club Coordinator. “In-season” or “off-season” status has no bearing on being a member of a Sport Club.

Example 1: The maximum number of players on the volleyball court is six, therefore three club volleyball members may be on an Intramural ROSTER for volleyball.

Example 2: The maximum number of players on a volleyball court for COED Volleyball is six, 3 Males & 3 Females, therefore one member of the Men’s Volleyball Club and one member of the Women’s Volleyball Club is allowed to be on the roster.


The Intramural Sports Office does not check the eligibility of participants in the Intramural Sports Program until a question of eligibility is raised. Any accusation of player eligibility will be thoroughly investigated. Team Captains are responsible for checking the eligibility of their own players and should regularly check that of their opponents.


No student may be denied admission to, participation in or the benefits of or discriminated against in any service, program, course, or facility of the UW system or its institutions or centers because of the student’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or parental status.

Team Competition

Any team found to have ineligible player(s) during or after competition will forfeit the contest. All points won in games or events in which an ineligible player was used will be forfeited.

All ineligible players may not play with the team on which they were found to be ineligible. The ineligible player may also be barred from participation in IM activities for the remainder of the semester.

Elimination Tournament: The results of the last game only shall be reversed when an ineligible person(s) was used.

Any awards won by ineligible teams must be returned.

Protest Procedures



Allowable protests include: player eligibility, rule interpretation, and rule application. Official’s decisions or judgment may not be protested beyond the limits imposed by the rules of the game or event (i.e., prior to the next pitch, prior to the next serve, prior to the ball becoming live following the call in question, etc.) Decisions regarding disciplinary actions may not be protested.


All eligibility protests must be brought to the attention of the on-site Intramural Sports Supervisor before the game ends. An additional identification check will occur to verify the player in question’s identity. The player in question will be asked the validity of the accusation that is being made.  Dependent on the answers provided, the protesting team may play the entire game under protest. The team then has until NOON the following business day after the game to file a written protest to the Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs Coordinator with a $15.00 protest fee. If the protest is invalid, the protest fee will be charged to the individual who filed the protest. The fee will be not be charged if the protest is upheld. If the protest is valid, the protesting team will be awarded a win.

Eligibility protests can be made only by the opponent(s) and only during the game or match in which they are playing the team and/or player in question.


Team captains/managers must declare their protest to the game official(s) and/or the Intramural Sports Program Manager prior to the next pitch, serve, play, etc. following the call in question. The Intramural Sports Program Manager and/or official(s) must then notify the opposing team captain/manager that the game is under protest. The game official(s) will contact the Intramural Sports Program Manager for a ruling on-site. If, after the Intramural Sports Program Manager has given his/her ruling, the captain/manager still wants to protest the call, the manager must tell the Intramural Sports Program Manager that the team is playing the remainder of the game under protest.  All pertinent information will be recorded and the game will resume.  The team then has until NOON the day following the game to file a written protest to the Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs Coordinator with a $15.00 protest fee. If the protest is invalid, the protest fee will be charged to the individual who filed the protest. The fee will be not be charged if the protest is upheld. If the protest is valid, the protesting team will be awarded a win.


Written protests should be submitted on the Intramural Sports Protest Form and should include the following information:

  1. Name, address and phone number of person filing the protest.
  2. Specific information concerning the incident (i.e., eligibility restriction violated, names of players involved, rule misapplied, etc.).

The protesting party must inform the Intramural Sports Program Manager on-site that the protest is requested. The protest will be filed and the rest of the game will be played under protest. Upon receiving the protest from the Intramural Sports Program staff, the information contained in the protest will be clarified and time will be taken for contacting other involved personnel (i.e., officials, Program Managers, and members of the opposing team or the individual in violation). When the intramural staff has done their due diligence, an administrative decision will be made as to whether or not the protest is upheld or denied.

If the protest is upheld…

  1. The game is re-played from point of interruption with the rule misapplication/misinterpretation corrected and all eligible players on the team’s roster may participate in the game.
  2. The result of the game will be in favor of the protesting team if it was regarding player eligibility. The ineligible player will be suspended from participation in the Intramural Sports Program until all reinstatement procedures are met. The protested team will have their game forfeited and all forfeiture policies will be enforced accordingly.


If the person filing the protest is still not satisfied with the decision reached, an appeal may be filed with the Director of University Recreation. An appeal must be submitted to the Director of University Recreation within seven business days of the decision made by the Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs Coordinator. The Director of University Recreation will then make a decision as to whether or not the protest will be upheld.

Registration & Participation Policies


All IM participants are required to register through IMLeagues. Participants may log into IMLeagues through the Intramural Sports webpage, and use their ePantherID credentials to access sports registration.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT USE UWM1LOGIN.

To log in to IMLeagues: 

  1. Go to the University Recreation website
  2. Select the Intramural Sports tab, on the upper right side of the navigation toolbar
  3. Select the “Sports” icon
  4. Select whichever sport you are interested in participating in and click register.
  5. You will be directed to UWM’s Fusion portal
  6. Select the box stating “UWM 1Login Service”
  7. Enter your information, using your ePantherID and password

You can join the sport one of three ways:

i. Log in to your http://www.imleagues.com/UWM account or visit uwm.edu/urec and click on Intramural Sports->Sports tab.

ii. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to join. (DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT, LOGIN WITH SCHOOL UWM1LOGIN)

iii. Choose the league you wish to play in (Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, etc.)

iv. Choose the division you’d like to play in (Monday 5PM, Tuesday 5PM, etc.)

You can join the sport one of three ways:

Create a team (For team captains)
i. Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the “Invite Members” link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.
*If they’ve already registered on IMLeagues: search for their name, and invite them
*If they haven’t yet registered on IMLeagues: scroll down to the “Invite by Email Address” box, and input their email address.

Join a team
i. Use the Create/Join Team Button at top right of every page
ii. Accepting a request from the captain to join his team
iii. Finding the team and captain name on division/league page and requesting to join
iv. Going to the captain’s playercard page, viewing his team, and requesting to join

Join as a Free Agent
i. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you’d like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.

Team Name

The Intramural Sports Program reserves the right to change or alter any team name that is deemed to be inappropriate. Guidelines explaining how these names will be rejected are as follows:

  1. May not reference any alcohol or drug use (wasted, hammered, etc.)
  2. Names that may be deemed sexual in nature (innuendos, etc.)
  3. Anything demeaning towards a specific race, creed, religion, sexual preference, or nationality
  4. Any names about leaders on campus or in the community (Dean, Chancellor, President, Mayor)
  5. Words that include profanity
  6. Team names intended to confuse, such as “Team Bye Week” or “No Game Today”
  7. Any abbreviations for unacceptable words (If we have any questions, we will ask)

Team Captain Responsibilities

Team captains are responsible for the following:

  1. Being a liaison between the Intramural Sport Program and their team in all situations and assist the Intramural Sport Staff if and when the need arises
  2. Attending and actively participating in the Mandatory Intramural Sport Captain’s Meeting
  3. Ensure that all team members are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program
  4. Communicating and ensuring that all team members are aware of all Intramural Policies and Procedures and rules of play for the sport that they are participating in
  5. Being aware of and communicate with your team members of the team’s schedule of play. Schedules are posted on IMLeagues.

Regular Season Format

All divisions will be scheduled in a 6-8 game regular season with each division’s season length being determined by the number of registered teams in that division and on facility availability.

Each division will be identified through the following designations,

  1. Sport, Open, Day of the Week, Time Slot
  2. Sport, Women’s, Day of the Week, Time Slot
  3. Sport, CoRec, Day of the Week, Time Slot

Playoff Format

All teams that adhere to all the Sportsmanship and Default, Forfeit, and Drop Policies, will be eligible for the playoffs. Teams must maintain an average sportsmanship rating of 3.5 over the course of the season to be eligible for playoffs. All teams must then average a sportsmanship rating of at least 3.0 to remain in the playoffs.

Brackets and game schedules are constructed based on staff and facility availability.

Teams that win either playoff bracket will receive Intramural Championship T-Shirts for all team members that have participated on the roster.


Before participation in an Intramural Sports match or contest is allowed, all participants must do the following:

  1. Be registered on the team roster.
  2. Meet all eligibility requirements as found in the Eligibility Policy.
  3. Provide a valid UWM Identification card to the Intramural Sport Professional Staff, Supervisor, Official and/or Scorekeeper.
  4. Have a signed waiver for that sport on file

Liability Waivers and Injuries

The participant understands and agrees that the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee does not have medical personnel available at the location of the activity and therefore grants permission to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to authorize emergency medical treatment if necessary, and that such action shall be subject to the terms of the waiver agreement and without financial responsibility accruing to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Each participant in the intramural program participates at his/her own risk and should obtain his/her own health insurance.  The university takes every reasonable effort to provide safe playing conditions, proper supervision and competent officials.

All accidents resulting in injury must be reported to the Intramural Sport Supervisor.  The Intramural Sport Supervisor will contact emergency assistance through our campus police if necessary. All fees incurred as a result of services provided by the ambulance company or hospital is the responsibility of the injured party and not the university.  This also holds true for accidents/injuries occurring at university facilities/fields located off campus.

Team Uniforms and Equipment

Each Intramural Sports has unique player uniform and equipment requirements. Consult the Intramural Sports Rules for your specific sport to learn of the uniform and equipment requirements and restrictions.

The following requirements will be enforced for all Intramural Team Sports:

  1. All team members must wear a jersey/team shirt that is the same as the team color registered for by their captain. Basketball participants must have legible numbers that may not be taped on.
  2. No visible jewelry is allowed to be worn.
  3. No hard billed hats or bandanas are allowed to be worn.
  4. No jeans, khakis, khaki or cargo shorts, or uncovered undergarments are allowed to be worn.
  5. All team members must wear athletic shoes.
    1. NO cleats

The Intramural Sports Program does not provide equipment for warm-up periods or practice. Equipment can be checked out for warm-up and/or practice at the Klotsche Center & Pavilion Equipment Room.

Lost and Found

Any found items left at the facility at the conclusion of an Intramural Sports event will be turned into the Klotsche Center & Pavilion Information Center to be logged as lost and found items.

  • A Spectator Pass Form must be submitted for each guest at least 24 hrs prior to your scheduled event or no latter than by Friday at 12pm for Sunday games.
  • A spectator pass is issued by the UREC Intramural Administrative staff by sending you a confirmation email of your approval.
  • Spectators must have a sponsor present who shows a current valid UWM Panthercard ID to obtain a pass and enter the facility.
    • All Engelmann Gym Spectator Passes will need to be completed at the Klotsche Center and Pavilion and the spectator pass ticket will need to be surrendered at Engelmann Gym.
  • All spectators 18 years and older must present a valid government ID card upon entering the facility.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted into the facility unless accompanied by a parent/guardian other than the participant.
  • Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.
  • A SPECTATOR is not permitted to participate or engage in any activity in the facility.
  • If a spectator is participating in an event, uses any part of the facility for a workout or becomes unruly during the intramural activity, the spectator will be expelled form the building immediately by a UREC staff member.
    • The intramural participant may also be expelled from the building and suspended from further participation in the intramural program.
  • Participants will not be paged to meet their spectator.
  • A liability waiver must be signed and dated upon arrival by the spectator.
  • No children 4 years or below are permitted into the building.
Sportsmanship, Team & Player Conduct Policy


Modern team sport activities find their origin in the basic human need for play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this spirit of play. Abusive language, poor attitude, and manipulation of the rules to further winning are NOT just “part of the game”. What IS “part of the game” is the simple satisfaction of playing and the interdependence of teamwork, improving fitness, and enhancing friendships. Without your opponent, you have no game, no contest, and absolutely no fun. You are indebted to your opponent as they are indebted to you. In a fundamental way then, competing against an opponent is based on cooperation. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play acknowledges this idea of cooperative competition. An intentional violation of the rules, no matter how small, is cheating and a direct offense against these principles.

The goal of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Intramural Sports Program is to promote lifetime skills through the venue of sports that offer meaning beyond that of a win or a loss, the memory of which quickly fades. All players are expected to play within the context of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Intramural Sports Program’s spirit of competition.


Our Sportsmanship scale runs from 5.0 to 0.0 in integrals of .5. Teams must maintain an average sportsmanship rating of 3.0 over the course of the season to be eligible for playoffs. All teams must then attain a sportsmanship rating of 3.0 each game to remain in the playoffs.

“5.0” Sportsmanship Rating – Outstanding 

They cooperate fully with the opposing team and officials. The team speaks and asks questions in a respectful manner. 

“4.0” Sportsmanship Rating – Good 

Players display minor sportsmanship issues, but no penalties result from it and players are still respectful. 

“3.0” Sportsmanship Rating – Satisfactory 

Players consistently violate the same rules and the captain does not help to alleviate problems.  

“2.0” Sportsmanship Rating – Poor 

Team exhibited multiple negative actions on the court that involved in game actions from officials or staff. This includes personal, profane, or public acts. 

“1.0” Sportsmanship – Unacceptable  

Multiple ejections and/or sportsmanship penalties, lack of respect for the game, blatant disregard for policies, and teams are completely uncooperative.  

“0.0” Sportsmanship – Abhorrent 

A team will receive a 0.0 if the game is ended early due to it being unsafe. A captain and their team are suspended from play until the captain meets with an Intramural Sports Coordinator. 


Intramural Sports Staff reserves the right to adjust all ratings after conferring with on-site staff and participants within one week of the completion of the game. Team captains will be notified of any changes.


In order for a team to be eligible for post-season play, their Sportsmanship Team Rating must equal an average of 3.0 points or above at the conclusion of regular-season play. (i.e., for a 4-game regular season, a team must earn 14 points to advance to the playoffs)


Teams that win by FORFEIT or DEFAULT will receive 5 rating for that specific game.
Teams losing by FORFEIT will receive a 2 rating for that specific game.
Teams losing by DEFAULT will receive a 3 rating of that specific game.


The sportsmanship rating a team receives may not be appealed.