Women on Weights = WOW

What is Women on Weights (WOW)?

WOW is a one-time, 1-hour introductory class designed for beginners interested in strength training. Sign up for one session (dates & registration below) and the instructor will introduce you to the benefits of strength training and how to set up a strength training program, and you will learn a basic total body free-weight training workout that you can feel comfortable coming back and doing on your own.

No experience is necessary. This class is FREE for seg fee paying UWM students.

What will You get out of it?

  • Debunk myths
  • Sculpt muscles
  • Learn the benefits of strength training
  • Learn basic free-weight training exercises
  • Get comfortable in the weight room
  • Meet women with similar interests & goals!

When and Where:

Not currently offered. Check back soon.


  • Register online, below
  • Each 1-hour session is limited to 4 participants.
  • Students may only register for one session to begin with to give many women the opportunity to join.
  • Must register by the day before.

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Register Here.