Women on Weights and More!

Looking to achieve your fitness goals but do not know where to start? WOW and More” classes are one-time, 1-hour introductory classes designed for beginners wanting to become confident in the gym and interested in achieving their fitness goals. Sign up for one of the sessions below and the instructor will introduce you to proper form and help you feel comfortable coming back and doing workouts on your own. 

What is the Purpose?

  • Increase the confidence of women coming to the gym.
  • Meet women with similar interests & goals!

Class Offerings:

  • WOW 1.0

  • Want to learn how to lift weights or feel comfortable in the weight room? Then this class is for you! This class is designed specifically for beginners interested in strength training and eager to learn about free weightsYou will be taken through basic total body weight training workout that you can feel comfortable coming back to and doing on your own. Sign-up and the instructors will be there to help meet your goals, whether it be to learn more, get stronger, or anything else you want to achieve.      
  • WOW Machines

  • Looking to learn or get back in the weight room but don’t know where to start? Then this class is for you! This class is designed specifically for beginners interested in learning about weight machines. You will be taken through a full body workout that you can feel comfortable coming back to and doing on your own.  Sign-up and the instructors will be there to help meet your goals.
  • WOW 2.0

  • Did you love WOW 1.0 but want more of a challenge? Then this class is for you! This class is designed specifically for beginners to intermediate individuals interested in taking the next steps of their workout journey. You will be shown how to utilize the smith machine and cable machine for a full body workout. Sign-up today and the instructors will be there to meet your goals.
  • Total Cardio – Coming Soon!

  • Cardio can be a drag, but with a group of women who are also there to workout, how bad can it be?  This class is for those of you who want to run, but hate doing it alone, or for those looking for a good cardio workout. We will be utilizing the cardio machines (ellipticals, treadmills, track, etc.) to do different types of cardio circuits and interval trainingThe instructors are happy to lead, run alongside you, and answer any questions have about cardiovascular endurance and fitness. *You will be choosing your cardio workout from a list provided by the instructor 
  • Body Weight Workout – Coming Soon!

  • Looking to tone your body without the use of weights? Then this class is for you! This beginner level class involves the exercises and movements of strength training without the weights. The instructor will take you through a total body workout focusing on building form and toning your body. 


Registration is required to attend any class. Registration opens 7 days prior to class. Register here or in the UWM UREC App. Space in class is limited. If you can no longer attend a class, please cancel your registration. Cancelation is allowed up to 2-hours prior to class. Late cancel/no-shows will be assessed a fee.

How to cancel your registration

Cancel online:

  • Log into connect.urec.uwm.edu
  • click username in the upper right-hand corner and select “Profile”
  • On the left-hand side, select “Programs”, then click “Registrations”
  • Find the class that you want to drop, click the three dots, then click “Cancel”
  • Click “Yes, Cancel Registration”

Cancel in the App: