Group X Instructor Training Program


Course Description:

This is a semester long program that provides UWM Students the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience to instruct Group Exercise Classes such as HIIT, Group Strength, Guts & Butts, and Group Cycle. This experience is designed to allow students to learn from and be mentored by current instructors, program assistants and the Program Director. This course is non-credit, but you can expect the time commitment and workload to be equivalent to a 1-credit course.

This course is offered every Spring (and some summers) semester. It’s a hybrid course that includes weekly lectures along with hands on practical teaching experience.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be at current UWM student to be eligible to participate.
  • Must be a UWM student for at least one full year post completion of the training program (through at least May of 2022) to be eligible to teach for UREC at UWM.


  • To gain the knowledge necessary to successful create and lead various group exercise formats.
  • To gain practical experience in teaching the basic components of a group exercise class.
  • To become familiar with the responsibilities of a UWM Group Exercise Instructor.

Specific Topics Covered:

  • Principles of Fitness
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Working with Music
  • Warm-up and Cool-down Guidelines
  • Cardio Training Guidelines
  • Strength Training Guidelines
  • Cueing Techniques
  • Formatting & Delivering a fitness class
  • Safety Recommendations


  • The program cost is $75. Discounted to $50 for summer 2021!!


  • Phase 1 – Apply Here!
    • Space is limited to 8 participants.
    • Applications are due June 7th
    • Applications will be reviewed the week of June 7th and accepted applicants will be notified by June 10.
  • Phase 2 – Attend all 6 weekly lecture/practical sessions. This will give you the base knowledge needed to construct and teach a safe and effective Group Exercise Class.
    • Sessions are two hours long and will be held in-person on Thursdays, for 6 weeks throughout June and July.
    • The weekly meeting time will be determined by participants availability and will be posted by early June.
  • Phase 3 – Participate in 6 weeks of team-teaching. Team-teach 1 Group Exercise class per week, along with an experienced UREC instructor/your mentor, to gain more practical knowledge and teaching experience to prepare you for the specific class you wish to teach.
  • Phase 4 – Audition!  You will be interviewed and will also be asked to demonstrate a full Group Exercise Class.  If you pass Phase 4, you will be hired as an instructor for UREC for the Fall semester!

What our Program Participants have said:

“Group X instructor is the best job I’ve had. I love seeing participants come back to my class weekly, as well as seeing them improve. The training process wasn’t a “competition for the job”, instead everyone was accepting, friendly, and wanted me to succeed. The training process effectively eased you into teaching a diverse, modifiable class for all participants. All in all, I highly recommend becoming a group x instructor!”
– Danielle, Sophomore in Industrial Engineering

“From the Group X Instructor program, I learned how to illustrate the importance of fitness and how it can be achieved through a variety of diverse ways. While instructing, I’ve learned to adapt quickly, provide the understanding for why form and technique is important, and on top of all, let my personality shine through to make my class empowering, high-spirited, and fun.”
-Claire, Sophomore in Psychology

 For more information about the program, contact Sara Luelloff at