Personal Training and Fitness Assessments

The Personal Fitness Training Program provides quality, individualized training to those who desire professional fitness instruction and motivation for goal attainment. Certified personal fitness trainers will help individuals develop physical activity programs and greatly improve their ability to accomplish fitness goals, faster, safer, and with maximum benefits. Whether just starting to exercise, striving to lose weight, or trying to improve athletic performance, our trainers are ready to assist!

UREC offers Personal Trainers with a variety of skills and ideas to make your program unique. All our trainers have: CPR, First AID, AED, and National Personal Training Certifications; backgrounds in physical fitness; and experience developing fitness programs.

Services & Fees

Fitness Orientation FREE FREE
Body Composition Screening FREE FREE
Personal Fitness Profile $24 $36
Personal Training                Students  UREC Members
# of Sessions 1-Hour  30-Minute 1-Hour 30-Minute
1 Session $30 N/A $45 N/A
5 Session $125 $95 $190 $145
10 Session $240 $185 $360 $270

Fitness Orientation

Need assistance using our equipment? Let one of our Fitness Specialists teach you the best way to use our weight machines and cardiovascular machines. Go on a personalized tour or sign up with up to four friends. To schedule an appointment, fill out the online request here.

Body Composition Screening

Body Composition refers to the relative percentages of fat and nonfat tissues in the body. A Fitness specialist can assess your body fat percentage (using bioelectrical impedance or skinfold calipers) and tell you what it means for your health. For best results, do not work out for 24 hours prior to your assessment. Stop by the Weight Room desk to request an assessment.

Personal Fitness Profile

Want to get in shape, but not sure where to start? Sign up for a PFP! This is a comprehensive fitness assessment that will evaluate muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Body measurements will also be conducted. Each assessment will help you further understand your overall health as it relates to fitness. Each profile will include: Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Circumference Measurements, Skinfold-Body Composition, Resting Heart Rate, Resting Blood Pressure, Three-Minute Step Test, Push-Up Test, Curl-up Test, and Sit & Reach. From this, your trainer will help you to determine your health and fitness goals. Register online here.

Personal Training

Personal Fitness Training is one-on-one assistance in designing and implementing an optimal fitness program tailored to meet your personal fitness goals and interests. Your trainer will provide you with instruction, motivation, and fitness education during each session. Through support, expertise, and program reviews, your trainer will keep you moving towards your goals. Each session is 60 minutes in length. A Personal Fitness Profile – Fitness Assessment is required prior to any Personal Fitness Training sessions. Register online here.

Small-group Training

Small-group training offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer at an affordable rate! Class sizes are limited to 6 participants to allow for more individualized instruction. Your trainer will lead you through a structured series of workouts while providing feedback on your technique and form to help you get the most effective and efficient workout. The added motivation of having others working out in the same room with you pushes you to a new effort level!
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Clients: Please be sure to read our Personal Training Program Policies here.

Meet the UREC Personal Trainers:

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