University Recreation (UREC) staff are developing operational plans to open the Klotsche Center and Pavilion for in-person use for the fall 2020 semester.  The facilities will open with an initial focus on cardio and strength experiences, individual activity and programming that can be offered with physical distancing practices in place.  While there will be modifications to building hours, capacity, space availability, services and programs, there is a commitment to provide ways to Experience UREC in-person in the fall.



Fitness Offerings

Virtual Group X Classes
Class Descriptions – Click Here

Group X August 3-7

6-6:30pm Bodyweight Strength w/Olivia – Facebook Live
5:00-5:30pm Legs & Cardio w/Mikayla – Facebook Live
5-5:30pm HIIT w/Claire – Facebook Live
7:30-8:00am Rise & Grind w/Claire – Instagram Live
10:00-10:30am Core Power w/Lilly – Facebook Live

No Facebook account needed to join, just follow this link to join in a class

Recorded Classes:

  • New classes uploaded regularly to IGTV on Instagram.
  • Check out our huge selection of workout videos on UREC’s YouTube
  • Workout of the Weeks Wednesdays on Instagram.

Other Fitness Resources

Outdoor Pursuits Offerings

Upcoming Webinars & Workshops:

Picking Your Gear: Water Treatment Options
Thursday, August 6 @ 6pm

Link to Register: https://bit.ly/virtualURECOP
Link to Join:

Past Presentations:

Getting Outside During the Pandemic (4-2-20)

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip (4-6-20)

Getting Outside During the Pandemic (4-8-20)

What You Need to Know About Park Closures Today (4-9-20)

Bike Clinic: How to Fix a Flat Tire (4-10-20)

10 Tips for Getting Outside During the Pandemic (4-16-20)

Bike Clinic: How to Fix a Flat Tire #2 (4-20-20)

How to Use Strava App (4-21-20)

What is Leave No Trace? (4-22-20)

How to Plan a Road Trip (4-23-20)

10 Ways to Celebrate National Park Week Virtually (4-24-20)

How to Tune Up Your Bike at Home (4-24-20)

Guide to Biking in Milwaukee (4-27-20)

How to Get Outside During the Pandemic (4-28-20)

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip #2 (4-29-20)

How to Plan a National Park Tour (4-30-20)

How to Plan a Road Trip #2 (5-4-20)

Guide to Biking in Milwaukee #2 (5-6-20)

DIY Home Bike Tune Up #2 (5-7-20)

What is Leave No Trace? #2 (5-8-20)

How to Size, Fit, and Pack a Backpack (5-11-20)

Bike Brake Basics (5-12-20)

How to Plan a National Park Tour (5-12-20)

Bike Clinic: How to Fix a Flat Tire #3 (5-13-20)

Leave No Trace Virtual Games! (5-14-20)

Bike Clinic: Shifting System Skills (5-15-20)

How to Hike Responsibly (5-27-20)

How to Choose a Tent for Camping (6-2-20)

DIY Backyard Adventures (6-3-20)

Outdoor Guided Meditation (6-4-20)

DIY Camping Meals (6-8-20)

Picking Your Gear: Sleeping Bags (6-10-20)

Bike Clinic: How to Fix a Flat Tire #4 (6-11-20)

Picking Your Gear: Hiking Footwear (6-15-20)

Basics of Campfire Building (6-17-20)

Guided Meditation: Love & Compassion (6-24-20)

Picking Your Gear: Camp Stoves (6-26-20)

How to Plan a National Park Tour (6-29-20)

Picking Your Gear: Life Jackets (PFDs) (7-1-20)

How to Read and Use a Map (7-8-20)

Picking Your Gear: Sleeping Pads (7-20-20)

Survival Skills: Packing the Essentials (7-21-20)

How to Pack for Backpacking (7-21-20)

Survival Skills: Building an Emergency Shelter (7-28-20)

Survival Skills: How to Build an Emergency Fire (7-31-20)

Survival Skills: Know Your Knots (8-2-20)

How to Use a Topographic Map (8-2-20)

Guided Outdoor Meditation (8-3-20)

DIY Camping Meals #2 (partial recording) (8-5-20)

What you can do remotely

What you can do remotely:

  • Find at-home workouts. There are tons of free options on YouTube or try online classes through ClassPass, Obé Fitness, and Peloton (even if you don’t have the bike!). Most platforms offer a free trial.
  • Go outside. As long as you’re practicing social distancing, it’s okay to get outside and go for a walk while you listen to your favorite podcast or playlist. Keep these important things in mind when going outside:
    • Seek Solitude, if Sick — Being sick doesn’t mean you can’t go outside, but it does mean avoiding crowds and others. If you are showing signs of COVID-19 (located here), it’s recommended to stay home completely. Consider spending time in the backyard of your house, or on a deck/porch/balcony, to enjoy a little nature and fresh air.
    • Expect Closures — Playgrounds are closed, bathrooms might be closed, and other public facilities too. Plan ahead and prepare. Consider having a backup plan for what you might do if a trail or area is closed.
    • Pack Out Your Trash — With limited services and pickups at parks, it is best to take all trash home with you. Even if a trash receptacle is available, now is a good time to pack your waste out to be sure that receptacle does not overflow.
    • Avoid Places of High Use — Try and find somewhere where social distancing is easier, while being active outside. Our recommendation is parks that have wide trails to provide space for people, and large expanses of green space.
    • Go During Slow Times — Try a sunrise or sunset hike, or maybe go during the week instead of the weekend. This helps everyone out and relieves the heavy burden that our parks and public lands take in the spring season.
    • Proceed with Caution —  As much as possible, proceed with extra caution since medical and emergency services are limited. Consider avoiding action sports for the time being, as chance and risk may be hard to eliminate.
    • Be Considerate of Other Visitors — Regardless of your personal ethic during this time, give people space and be kind to others and our public lands. Keep pets on a leash as to not create unnecessary contact with others.
    • Don’t Forget to Leave No Trace Principles — Click here to learn more: Leave No Trace 7 Principles
  • Stay connected. Reach out to friends, call a family member – maybe even try a workout using FaceTime. We’re all in this together.
  • Now that you have more time at home, you could tackle that to-do list item you’ve been putting off for a while. Lean into spring cleaning, start a creative project, or fold the laundry you’ve been putting off.
  • Practice mindfulness.
Take care of yourself and others

Take care of yourself and others:

  • Follow the guidelines sent out by campus, which you can find on uwm.edu/coronavirus/ 
  • Look for resources to assist with your mental and emotional health.
    • The American Red Cross has developed a free Mental Health First Aid for COVID-19 course that can be taken online in less than one hour. The course is designed to help anyone impacted by COVID-19 to build resilience and lend support to others during and after this time. You can find the course here: American Red Cross Mental Health Course
  • Practice good hygiene: wash your hands, make sure to wipe down equipment before and after your workout.
  • Stay active.

BeWellUWM Tips

BeWellUWM Resources


If you have questions, please email us at u-rec@uwm.edu UREC Professional Staff is working remotely throughout the closure and will respond to email as quickly as possible.

For UWM Covid-19 Student Support Resources click here. 

For UWM COVID-19 Frequently asked questions click here.