MS/MLIS Requirements

Credits and Courses

Students in the MS/MLIS program follow all of the requirements and standards as described in this section of the Bulletin with the following joint exceptions: 21 of the 24 credits, including the optional 3 credits for a master’s thesis, required for the Urban Studies portion of the joint degree are taken within USP. All courses in related areas and any exceptions to the 21 credit rule must be reviewed by the Coordinator of Urban Studies. All courses selected are expected to be consistent with the objectives of the Urban Studies program.

Urban Studies

The minimum degree requirement is 30 graduate credits. All Urban Studies students are required to take a core curriculum of 15 credits:

Select an approved quantitative analysis course3
URB STD 921Seminar: Research Methods in Urban Studies3
Select three of the following:9
Urban Social Structure
Seminar in Urban Political Process
The Internal Structure of the City
Seminar on the History of American Urban Problems
Total Credits15

Students may opt to enroll in URB STD 990 and earn up to 3 credits toward the MS degree for their paper/thesis research and writing.

Basic Required MLIS Courses

Core Courses12
Foundations of Library and Information Science
Organization of Information
Information Access and Retrieval
Research Methods in Information Studies
Other MLIS courses18
Total Credits30


You must refer to the catalog pages of both individual master's programs to ensure that you meet all requirements for both degrees.