Research Impact

The process of creating knowledge is at the center of economic and social vitality. It’s also a key part of UWM’s mission as one of only two public research universities in Wisconsin. Offering the largest number of doctoral degree programs in the metro area, UWM is training the next generation of innovators, while also working to take our discoveries to the marketplace. Explore the links below to learn more.


Collaboration is key to any research enterprise, and UWM joins its expertise with other institutions, industry, and community partners to make an even stronger impact on our state and region. Learn more about some of our collaborative centers.


With $59 million in research expenditures in 2011-12, UWM is an engine for change in the Milwaukee community and beyond. The innovative work by UWM researchers has led to three startup companies and 15 license agreements on UWM patents. Learn more about the university’s research outcomes in the UWM Research Foundation’s annual report.


Meet the people behind some of the most intriguing projects on campus in Research Report, UWM’s annual research magazine.