Focus Groups

Focus groups can be an effective qualitative research tool for supporting data-based decision-making during the creation and validation of marketing communications across media, including video, digital, print and social media.

A focus group includes engaging participants in a guided discussion to provide feedback on an organization, its messaging or marketing campaign and materials.

We can help support your marketing communications goals and objectives by incorporating focus groups into your project plan.

Note: A focus group should not be the sole method for gathering data to drive decisions, but should be combined with other quantitative methods.

Process Overview

Step 1: Establish the purpose of the focus group.

Step 2: Kickoff meeting with stakeholders.

  • Agree on project goals.
  • Establish roles and responsibilities (e.g., project manager, facilitator, notetaker).
  • Determine which audience groups will be used.
  • Will an incentive be provided to participants?
  • Determine scope and budget.
  • Set timeline and key milestones.

Step 3: Identify focus group participants, agenda, questions and presentation materials.

Step 4: Conduct the focus groups.

Step 5: Produce report of findings.

Step 6: Meeting with stakeholders to discuss findings


Focus groups provide an affordable option for market research. There are many factors that go into determining the cost to host a focus group. During the initial kickoff meeting, we will work with you to establish the scope, roles and responsibilities to fit your budget and then provide a statement of work. After the focus group is completed, we will produce a final report and meet with you to discuss the outcome.