Cost Sharing Information

Reduce your costs 50% with cost sharing

Check into cost sharing for your next project. The cost sharing account provides a central subsidy for some of the services provided to the campus by University Relations.

Cost sharing is available for projects completed by:

  • Photo Services
  • Multimedia Production
  • Web Development
  • Design Services

Cost sharing funds are NOT available for work provided by Print & Copy Services.

If your project is eligible for cost sharing, your department pays 50% of the cost and the other 50% is paid from the University’s cost sharing fund (you’ll be getting professional level work for the rate of $30 per hour… a mere fraction of what you would pay off-campus).

Other than those funded by grants, most projects are eligible for cost sharing. All campus units are eligible for a cost sharing allocation at the beginning of the fiscal year. Cost Sharing allocations are managed internally by each unit’s Unit Business Representative (UBR).

If you have questions about whether your project can be partially-funded from cost sharing, contact your unit’s UBR.