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What’s Happening


•Work in the exterior patio area between the main entry and parking garage exit is expanding. Pedestrian traffic in this area is no longer allowed and visitors will need to use the public sidewalk along Kenwood Blvd.

•Exterior stairs from main entry to campus level are in the process of being replaced, this work should be completed next week, but the stairs will remain inaccessible due to adjacent construction work.

•Work to enclose the exterior stairs from campus level to 3rd floor near Burger King is ongoing as we wait for metal and glass fabrication to catch-up.

•Work in the lawn area adjacent to the north side of the Union in Pangaea Mall continues as preparations for the new Generator and associated enclosure move forward

1/10: Revving Up


•Structural support for new 4th floor mechanical room has been completed, the space is now being prepped for additional project work in the coming weeks.

•January 10th and 11th, the excavation of the area behind the desk will start. This will create noise conflicts for spaces directly above the Rec Center including the MAVRC, CCBLLR, and Transportation Services offices.

•“Former” Textbook Area, Panthershop Shipping/Receiving, Storage and Building Management Offices

•All areas behind the Information Center are all being demolished at this time.

•This includes a wonderful new 10’ wide “window” that was created by removing a large section of wall. This is now covered with plywood.

•Elevator #5 (service elevator) canno longer access this area, but still can access the ground floor via the western doors.

•Old IT infrastructure for the analog phone system is being removed where it conflicts with construction needs. Ethernet connectivity in this area is also being re-routed to other IT closets to maintain connectivity.

•Miscellaneous Areas

•Periodic work above many ceilings is occurring in preparation for replacement of the fire alarm system. Over the last week this has included the Kitchen, Student Association, and Craft Centre. Work of this nature will continue throughout the spring semester.

•Periodic HVAC shutdowns are occurring in the areas “behind” (east of) the Information Desk. These are scheduled to be completed prior to spaces being used for the Spring semester.

•Old IT infrastructure for analog phone system being removed where it conflicts with construction needs

1/7: New Projects

  • Recreation Center
    • Pipes with Asbestos insulation are scheduled to undergo abatement.

Over the Winter Break:

  • Projects that have previously been started, such as the column reinforcements, will continue.

12/20: Construction & Closures

  • There will be a new steel structure being built in the Northeast stair tower behind the Burger King and the area will be closed.

12/15: Construction & Closures

  • Union Rec Center will close down over break, 8’ deep hole will be dug behind their desk.
  • Transportation Services, Inclusive Excellence Center, and Union Ballroom will close over break as part of the same project.

12/13: Construction & Closures

  • Winterim Project for column reinforcement starts this week.
  • Ground Floor of the Union behind the Information Center will start being demolished the week. This includes the offices for Production Services & Building Management, plus tons of storage rooms. The current employee breakroom (WG01) will be converted into the new laundry room during this time.
  • Student Organization storage and offices clean out in preparation for the demolition of that area during the Spring Semester starts.

12/6: Excavation of Gasthaus
 8’ deep hole dug in the Gasthaus, which will include the demolition of the bar.

12/2: 1st concrete pour
It is an exciting morning here at the Union as we have the 1st concrete pour of the project occurring on
Pangaea Mall. Findorff is installing the underground supports for the new generator enclosure that will be
constructed early next year.

11/30: Renovation Kickoff
Ceremonial Wall-Smash Event, Food, Make Lego keychains, blueprint signing, puzzles and more!