Off-Campus Clients

As the UWM Student Union is sustained by student fees, the primary use of the facility is restricted to UWM Student Organization and UWM Campus Departments.  Off-campus entities are restricted to reserving space in the UWM Student Union only while the fall and spring academic terms are out of session.

Off-campus entities are permitted to reserve space during the University’s Winterim (period between the fall and spring semesters), Spring Break (period of one week in March), and Summer Session (Late May through September 1st). See the UWM Academic Year Calendar for more information.

In order to reserve space in the UWM Student Union, Off-campus entities must first be sponsored by a Student Organization or Campus Department.  These on-campus entities often are willing to sponsor an activity that falls in line with their organizational mission.  Not all activities are eligible to be hosted in the UWM Union, regardless of on-campus sponsorship.  No personal/private events are permitted in the UWM Union, this includes weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s, and other celebratory events.

Off-campus entities are required to pay full room usage fees for the use of all spaces within the UWM Student Union.  Off-campus entities are also charged for the use of audio visual equipment, conference aid equipment, room set-up fees, and any dedicated labor for the event.  If the room is used and rearranged to fit the needs of a meeting, the furniture must return to the standard set up of the room before leaving. If this is not done, departments may be charged a reconfiguration fee.

The UWM Student Union does permit Off-Campus Clients the use of Atrium Booths during the spring and fall academic term for the purpose of employee recruitment, but not for product or service solicitation.  Off-Campus Clients are provided a 50% discount of the space usage fee for Atrium Booths and Meeting Rooms when they are used as part of employee recruitment.

In order for UWM Union Event Services to facilitate these requests, Off-Campus clients must first contact the Career Development Center at (414) 229-4488 or the School of Business Administration-Career Services office at (414) 229-5445. These departments then contact the UWM Student Union Event Services department and make the reservation on your behalf.

Off-Campus Client Pricing