To obtain space within the UWM Student Union you must be a UWM student organization, UWM department, or you may be an outside organization that has been sponsored by a UWM organization and/or department.  You must be a pre-authorized user for your UWM student organization or department in order to make reservations.

Before reserving space you must be considered a contact (or authorized user) for your organization or department.  This is mandatory in order to reserve space through Union EVS.  Once Event Services knows that you are a contact, you may contact a reservationist via phone, or by coming into the office with the date and time of your desired event and the number of participants that you expect to be in attendance.

Authorized users can reserve space by access the UWM EVS virtual booking website (https://ems.sa.uwm.edu/EMSWebApp).

To make a reservation you can also contact the Event Services department at 414-229-4828, reservat@uwm.edu, or stop by the Information Center on the ground floor of the UWM Student Union.

The UWM EVS office can answer any questions that you may have as well as discuss the process of event planning with you.

You must obtain sponsorship through a recognized UWM student organization or campus department before you are allowed to reserve space within the UWM Student Union (or any other campus facility).  Clients that are not part of the UWM campus community are only permitted to reserve space on dates outside the Spring and Fall academic semesters.

UWM Event Services reserves all meeting rooms one semester at a time.  All multi-purpose event spaces are booked indefinitely into the future.  As soon as you know that you would like to reserve space you may schedule a meeting with an event planner.  Here you will discuss your event in great detail.  Contacting an event planner as early as possible will enable you to get detailed information as well as increase your chances of reserving space and services through the EVS office.

Student organization can only request space outside the UWM Union of there is not space available in the UWM Student Union.  In this situation, student organizations must still request space through the EVS office.  UWM departments must contact the Space Allocation Authority for each space on campus.  Outside organizations wishing to use UWM classroom space must first contact UWM Union Event Services.

Cost vary depending on the event’s nature, size, scope and other details.  Cost will also vary from one event to another; to obtain a quote please contact your event planner.

Please see the pricing section of the UWM EVS webpage for this information.

If your event requires parking assistance, student organizations may contact their EVS event planner to discuss pre-paid parking options.  UWM departments may contact the Parking and Transit office at 414-229-4000 to make appropriate arrangements for parking needs.

Per UWM Union guidelines, events charging a registration fee must use a cash register and cashier staffed by the UWM Student Union.  The EVS office will make the appropriate arrangements to supply these to you.

Any food requests for spaces within the UWM Union must be considered and processed by the UWM Restaurant Operations department, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Union (aisle A).

Bake sales are permitted by the Student Union and UWM Event Services for any student organization.  Please contact a reservationist in the EVS office for details on food and bake sales.

The only reservations that are processed by UWM Event Services are for event spaces on the UWM campus.  No other reservations are taken through the department.

An atrium booth is often used by UWM student organization and departments for information distribution, fundraising, or recruitment.  Some UWM Union restrictions and guidelines apply.

These booths are located on the campus level of the UWM Union across from the main passenger elevators.  UWM Event Services also reserves booth space in the transition space between the Student Union and Lubar and Bolton Halls.  In total there are 14 Atrium Booths.

Outside clients may only use an Atrium Booth for the purposes of employment recruitment, with proper sponsorship and payment.  No commercial solicitation is permitted at the Atrium Booths, or anywhere else in the Student Union.