Event Spaces

As the center of campus life at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the UWM Student Union has over 27,000 visitors each day during the Fall and Spring academic terms. UWM Event Services oversees the space allocation process of the event spaces in the Student Union that serve these visitors.

Event spaces in the UWM Student Union vary in size and shape, and are located on all five levels of the facility. Most event spaces in the Student Union can be designed to fit the specific needs of any meeting or event. The flexibility of these spaces allows an event planner the opportunity to have spaces adapt to the need of the function.

UWM Event Services divides the rooms’ types of the UWM Student Union into three categories:

  • Meeting Rooms vary in capacity and square footage, but are primarily designed for smaller meetings.
  • Large Spaces are the largest event spaces within the facility, and can be configured to meet the needs of events of any composition.
  • Public Spaces are integrated with the traffic flow of the students, staff, and community members that come through every day.