The Panther Tracks program offers transfer students from MATC guaranteed admission to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to complete their Bachelor’s degree. Students must meet all of the requirements outlined in the agreement below to guarantee their admission to UWM.

1. Academic Requirements
  1. Students must have graduated from high school (as evidenced by a high school diploma or GED) and complete a minimum of 24 transferable credit hours and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale on all transferrable course work to be admitted to UWM.
  2. Students are expected to enroll and complete general education and coursework required for admission into their UWM degree program within three years of initial enrollment in the Panther Tracks program with a maximum of 72 credits that will be applied to their baccalaureate degree. Courses numbered lower than 100-level and courses not deemed transferable are not included in this agreement.
2. Admission Requirements
  1. Students are required to fill out the Panther Tracks Intent to Participate form one year prior to the term in which they wish to enter UWM.
  2. Students must authorize their college and UWM to disclose their educational records, including but not limited to, academics, admission, financial aid, and advising information as appropriate. By signing the Intent to Participate form, students agree to allow the two institutions to share information and to allow the student to take advantage of the Panther Tracks program. Students may also receive communication from UWM informing them of presentations, workshops, activities, student events, and visit opportunities.
  3. Students must be in good standing at their college at the time of transfer. Students must adhere to each institution’s standard policies and procedures including but not limited to those dealing with admission, enrollment in courses, transfer credits, financial aid, student conduct and discipline, academic probation, dismissal and reentry.
  4. Admission to the Honors College at UWM is by invitation only. The Honors College reviews applications at the time of admission and will invite eligible students to participate.
  5. During enrollment in the Panther Tracks program, UWM will provide advisement to students to discuss academic program requirements and transfer credit policies. It is recommended that students track their degree progress by working with their transfer advisors at both their college and UWM.
  6. Students are eligible to transfer into over 90 undergraduate degree programs at UWM. The degree programs in Architecture, Engineering, and Nursing have higher admission requirements than other programs. Arts programs have an additional application process to be considered. See Appendix A for specific program requirements.
  7. Students may also qualify for UWM scholarships.
3. Other Terms
  1. Failure to meet the requirements above does not preclude the student from applying and being considered for admission to UWM using the traditional admission process. See UWM Transfer Admission Specialists for further details.
  2. UWM will have the right to review and approve all advertising for the Panther Tracks program.
  3. Students working toward Associates of Arts or Science, but have transferred prior to earning their degree, may be able to participate in a reverse transfer credit agreement. This agreement enables colleges to award degrees after a student’s transfer.
  4. This agreement shall in the first instance be valid and binding for a term of three years. Thereafter, this agreement shall be automatically extended by additional terms of three years; provided, however, that either party may terminate the agreement by written notice to the other party, which shall be effective after six months upon receipt of such notice by the non-terminating party.
  5. Should the program be dissolved, students who are participating at that time will be guaranteed transfer into UWM provided they satisfy all program requirements.
4. Additional Degree Requirements

Additional degree requirements as of 4/1/17 to selective UWM degrees are as follows:

The minimum GPA needed for admission into Architecture is a 2.5 in 24 transferable credits. Architecture is a competitive and selective major, so meeting the minimum does not guarantee admission into the program.

The minimum GPA needed for admission into Engineering is a 2.5 in 12 transferable credits, and must include Math 231 with a C or better.

The minimum GPA needed for admission into Nursing is a 2.5 in 15 transferable credits with a B or better in a transferable natural science class.

Art & Design: A portfolio is required for entrance into the Art & Design major.
Dance, Music, Theatre and Musical Theatre: An audition is required for entrance into these majors.


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