Next Steps for Transfer Students
at UWM at Washington County and Waukesha

The following checklist items are broken down into three categories: RequiredRecommended and Bonus Points. Required are your must do steps – you won’t be able to enroll in classes without completing themRecommended items are steps that our most successful students complete. Finally, Bonus Points are steps that will be helpful to your transition to UWM, but will not have any direct bearing on your enrollment.


1. Check your PAWS account - often!

Your PAWS account is your connection to important information about your application and enrollment at UWM. On PAWS, you’ve got a To Do List, which lists steps you need to take care of to get admitted and enrolled; your Financial Aid award, where you accept your grants and loans; Finances, where you pay tuition and fees; and Enrollment, where you register for classes. Access your account at and check it often for updates!

Never been on PAWS? You must first activate your ePanther ID and create a password. You’ll use this login for PAWS, your UWM email and all other online UWM resources.

2. Pay your $150 Confirmation Deposit

This deposit confirms your intent to enroll at UWM. You can pay on your PAWS account by clicking on ‘Make a Payment’ in the Finances section. For other payment options, visit the Bursar’s Office website.

*Please note this deposit is not refundable if you attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) program or fail to cancel your NSO registration at least 10 days before your scheduled program. The deposit will also not be refunded if you enroll in classes.
3. Complete your University Credit Agreement

Every student must electronically sign the University Credit Agreement. This will appear on your To Do List on your PAWS account  and must be signed before you can register for classes. For more information, visit the Bursar’s Office.

4. Check out your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Your incoming transfer credits are evaluated within two-three weeks of admission. You can see the evaluation on your PAWS account under the “My Academics” tab.

We strongly recommend you set an appointment you meet with your advisor to go over the evaluation, determine what degree requirements you need to meet, schedule the appropriate classes, and see what your path to graduation is. Your academic advisor is listed on your PAWS account.

5. Monitor PAWS for your enrollment appointment

In April (Spring Admits – November) you will receive an enrollment appointment identifying the date and time you can begin registering for classes on PAWS. You must pay your confirmation Deposit and sign your Credit Agreement before enrolling.

Your enrollment appointment is not an advising appointment; it’s the date and time PAWS will allow you to hit the enroll button for your classes. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as you’re able to, and it’s ideal to meet with your Academic Advisor at least two weeks prior to your enrollment appointment time. To schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor, sign in to Navigate.

6. Send in your final transcripts

If you are currently enrolled at another college or university, or have just completed your final semester there, be sure to send us your final transcript once your grades have been posted. Transcripts can be sent electronically ( or via mail to:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 749
Milwaukee, WI 53201

7. Submit Your ID Photo

All UWM students are required to have a photo identification card. Skip the inconvenience of having it taken on campus and send us your selfie!

Download the “Get Mobile” App or upload it here:

8. Pay your tuition and fees

In July (Spring Admits – January), and after you’ve registered for classes, tuition and fees will be posted to your account. Tuition and fees are due by the first day of classes, though installment plans are available. For more information, visit our Bursar’s Office.


1. Meet with your Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor is one of your best resources on campus. They help you reach your academic goals, graduate on time, and connect you with other campus resources to get the support you need to be successful at UWM.

We recommend meeting with your advisor at least once per semester. As a new student, it’s best to meet with your advisor prior to registering for classes. You can find out who your advisor is on your PAWS account. To schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor, sign in to Navigate.

2. Review placement test requirements

UW-Milwaukee requires students to complete a UW System placement test, have transferrable credit, or have official ACT/SAT scores on file in order to enroll in math or English courses. Check with your academic advisor to determine if you need to complete placement testing.

3. Attend Transfer and Adult Student Orientation (TASO)
NSO is a great way to take care of business prior to starting classes. At NSO , you can familiarize yourself with campus resources, meet staff and students, get your ID and pick your first semester classes. NSO registration starts in April (Spring Admits – January) and is held throughout the summer (Spring Admits – January) Register today!
4. Consider financial options and complete FAFSA

College is an investment – well worth it, but many students need help with the costs. To apply for financial aid, including grants (gift money you don’t have to pay back) and loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, more commonly known as the FAFSA. File this online at Our school code is 003896.

For the 2021-22 year, the FAFSA is available as of October 1, 2020. You will use your 2019 tax information. Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to import your tax information makes completing the FAFSA easier than ever. However, to make sure the process is secure, you won’t see the information that is imported. Apply as soon as possible to be given maximum consideration for funds that may be limited. The Financial Aid Office will use the results of your FAFSA to determine what kind of aid you’re eligible to receive, and notify you via email once we put together an award package for you. Having this information earlier should help you make important decisions about how to pay for college, building a budget, and determining housing options.

We also have lots of great information on the Financial Aid website! Learn about the different types of financial aid, how to apply, and read important announcements. Make sure to check out our cool budgeting tool, the UWM Total Cost Estimator. Still have questions? Please contact the Financial Aid Office for help.

5. Research Scholarship Options

Scholarships are a great way to help fund your education since they’re money you don’t need to pay back. They’re competitive but well worth the effort. Research potential scholarship opportunities at

6. Visit campus

Whether you are still considering several schools or you’ve already made your decision to attend UWM at Waukesha or UWM at Washington County, visiting us in-person or engaging with us virtually are great ways to experience what life as a Panther is like. Our on-campus tours are open and led by a current student. For your safety, you are required to wear a mask and the tours are limited in size to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We also have virtual live and recorded opportunities to meet with an Admissions Advisor. For more information on all of our visit programs, head to


1. Connect with UWM and fellow students on social media

Connect with other future Panthers by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to connect with other future Panthers in your class at

2. Think about getting an on-campus job

UWM is committed to professional development of our student workers, so an on-campus job is more than just money in your pocket, it’s a chance to learn and grow as a young professional. Plus, many offer flexible hours and are easy to get to in between classes. While you can’t start working until you’re officially a student, check out what kinds of jobs are out there and prepare yourself at  Handshake.

3. Find a Student Organization (or two, or three, or…)

Our branch campuses have a variety of student organizations – you’re bound to find one (or several) that interests you. Whether you’ve been participating in an activity for years and want to keep it up or you’re looking to venture out and try something new, our student orgs are a great way to get involved! UWM at Waukesha or UWM at Washington County.