Admissions Counselor: Erica Harwell

West Allis, Wisconsin

Walking my dog, listening to podcasts, exploring new places in Milwaukee

Favorite Place on Campus (MKE):
The Fountain

Favorite Place in Milwaukee:
South Shore Park

Hi! I’m Erica. Growing up in a suburb of Milwaukee, I spent many years looking at UW-Milwaukee from the outside. As an advisor here, I’ve been impressed with the community I found on campus. It didn’t take long for UWM to feel like home for me, and I’m confident the same will be true for you.

As an advisor, I work primarily with students who are transferring to UWM from other institutions. Transfer students bring unique life and educational experiences to UWM, and I think UWM does a great job of recognizing the value of those experiences and honoring them. As a transfer student, I think you will find a strong commitment to academic excellence here, as well as a community that cares about you. I love to help transfer students find where they fit into the UWM community.

Whether you’re a student who knows that UWM is the school for you or you’re just considering your options, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to work together to be sure you are on the path that is best for you.