Admissions Counselor: Daniel Schindler

St. Petersburg, Florida

Watching movies, playing video games, and date nights with my partner

Favorite Place on Campus (Wash):
Hub Patio

Favorite Place on Campus (Wauk):

Welcome to UWM at Washington County and UWM at Waukesha, I’m excited to welcome you into our campus community! My name is Daniel Schindler and I am the Branch Campus Visit Coordinator for the UWM branch campuses. I like to say I am from all over the place. I am originally from Florida but have come to love Southwest Wisconsin, like a second home. 

I started my educational career at UWM at Waukesha and ended up falling in love with the campus. I went on to complete my bachelor’s at UWM in Political Science. I am in my last semester of my master’s program in Public Administration at UWM. What makes the branch campuses so great is the campus community that is present. Faculty, staff, and students get to know each other and create relationships with each other that are unmatched at large institutions. I love helping students join our tight knit campus community!