Admissions Advisor: Taiyani Davis

Milwaukee, WI

Traveling, attending festivals, clearance hauling, shopping, trying new recipes with my husband

Favorite Place on Campus (MKE):
The Student Union

Favorite Place in Milwaukee:
Milwaukee County Zoo and Discovery World

Taiyani Davis

Welcome! I am an admissions advisor for incoming freshman at UW-Milwaukee. UWM is where I call home. I genuinely believe in the mission of UWM that focuses on diversity, learning and research. UWM not only prepares students academically but also offer a fun and safe space for students to have a good time.

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended Milwaukee Public Schools so UWM has always been in my backyard. Being both a student and employee at UWM has been a rewarding experience because I am allowed to take the education I have obtained to assist students in their journey as they navigate higher education.

When I am not at UWM I spend my time hanging with my family and catching up on television shows I missed throughout the week.

I hope to be one of the many support systems you will have at UWM throughout your journey to become a Panther!