Admissions Advisor: Junior Vue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Camping with my family, playing a few games of "Magic: the Gathering," trying out new food with friends and hiking in the Wisconsin woods

Favorite Place on Campus (MKE):
The “secret stairway” on the second floor of the UWM Student Union

Favorite Place in Milwaukee:
Milwaukee Public Museum

Hi, future UWM Panther! I was born and raised on Milwaukee’s south side. I never left this city because it has so much to offer and many places to explore! Milwaukee has fairs in the fall, outdoor skating rinks in the winter, hiking trails in the spring and festivals in the summer. And at the center of the city lies UWM.

I really love the UWM campus, students and faculty. There are many exciting scholarly and fun opportunities here, including in undergraduate research, volunteering and growing your leadership skills. And, when I was a UWM student, I really appreciated the variety of professors that I had to choose from when picking courses.

If you have questions about UWM, please get in touch with me. I’d love to talk to you about your future as a Panther!