Statement by the UC re: Budget & Chap 36

(to be submitted for endorsement by the UW-Milwaukee Faculty Senate on March 12, 2015)

The University of Wisconsin-System and its constituent campuses are the envy of the nation in terms of academic quality and reputation because of our robust protection of academic freedom and our shared governance practices.
Therefore, we unequivocally oppose the repeal of sections from Chapter 36 State Statutes, especially those protecting faculty/staff appointments and benefits, as well as those providing authority for faculty, staff, and student shared governance.
Further, we call upon the Board of Regents and UW-System Administration to unequivocally express their support for protecting faculty/staff appointments and benefits, as well as for faculty, staff, and student shared governance authority, by quickly affirming in Board of Regents Policy all current Chapter 36 provisions related to these guarantees.
Additionally, as previously stated in our January 29th Faculty Senate Resolution, we again call “for an open process to analyze the proposed public authority”, such that its complete costs and benefits can be fully understood, prior to any consideration for implementation by the Legislature.
Lastly, we reiterate our strong opposition to the proposed $300 million cut to the whole UW-System, and likely $40 million UW-Milwaukee share of it. Such an overwhelming cut would be a significant setback that will permanently alter our future, impairing our abilities to meet the needs of students and fulfill our research mission. Unnecessarily harming UW-Milwaukee at this crucial time is not the path that leads to a brighter future. Southeastern Wisconsin and the whole State need more not less of what we have to offer.

UW-Milwaukee University Committee (Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate)
Mark D. Schwartz, Chair
Margo Anderson
Michael Brondino
Lane Hall
Sandra McLellan
John Reisel
Luc Vanier