September 22, 2020

K. Dolan reported on COVID tenure clock extensions: 26 non-tenured faculty have requested these to date. The majority of requests come from Nursing and Letters and Science, with some from Public Health and Engineering. More requests are likely during the coming months. UW System Auditors are carrying out audits of Post-Tenure Review on campuses covering the three years since the policy was instituted. Ten UWM faculty were chosen at random and materials were submitted for them. Three had been recently tenured so PTR did not apply; the remaining seven had their paperwork forwarded.

K. Dolan reported on the 2030 Implementation Team; the deadline for the implementation plan is now January 31.

K. Dolan reported that plans to provide testing for non-resident students on the UWM campus are in progress. Testing of high-risk employees who work on campus may also be included in the antigen testing program being rolled out now.

K. Dolan reported on the Faculty Reps meeting in Madison on Friday with UW System President Tommy Thompson. Board of Regents Policy 160 currently requires campuses to review and update their sabbatical policies every two years. The BOR would like to get out of that process and will return the responsibility for reviewing and updating sabbatical policies to campuses. After a 60-day comment period this change should be finalized sometime in spring.

Thirteen campuses are reporting different strategies to deal with COVID and the fallout from the virus and state cuts. Three of 13 campuses have now instituted a 2-week quarantine period. There are no plans to provide more state funds to expand testing to include students not in dorms. UW System President Thompson discussed plans to provide access to college credit to prison inmates as well as an initiative to identify people with only a few credits remaining in their degree programs to allow them to complete their requirements and graduate. Thompson reported on an upcoming change to the payroll system under which all UW System employees would be paid twice a month. It is unclear when this might be implemented.

J. Reisel reported that the Policy Advisory Committee passed three policies which will come before the Senate at the next meeting.

ASC Chair K. Esguerra will attend the UC meeting on September 29.