September 18, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported he will be attending the Budget Model Working Group meetings. Chair O’Connor summarized a draft of a new recruitment policy, passed by the Board of Regents and applicable to all UW System campuses: two questions are now required to be asked of the final candidates by Human Resources, exploring a possible history of sexual violence or harassment. This policy is now out for comment for a three-week period. Another new policy, also passed by the Board of Regents, is for personnel files to remain open for hires within UW System; thus, if someone moves from one campus to another, issues that are addressed in the potential hire’s personnel file will be available for the hiring campus to access through the Human Resources department of the potential hire’s former campus.

The Committee discussed needing a location at the Waukesha and Washington County campuses for faculty to attend faculty and Senate meetings, using distance technology. Policy and Procedure for this is currently being developed by the SecU office, to allow for votes to be counted from Senators attending using distance methods.

Provost Britz attended, and discussed the General Studies Dean search; the Search and Screen Committee is currently under development. Enrollment is down overall, but we are up in transfers, Illinois students, new incoming students, and graduate students. Enrollment is down slightly at the Waukesha and Washington County campuses. The achievement gap among students of color has also been narrowed. Provost Britz also said that there is another round of feedback being provided to the Program Monitoring Task Force on the new policies for program monitoring.

UC member Bettina Arnold reported on the last meeting of the APBC, at which there was a discussion about recruitment, especially of MPS honors students.

UC member Mark Schwartz reported that GFC had their first meeting, at which there was a discussion of fellowships.