October 27, 2015

Robin Van Harpen and Jerry Tarrer joined us to discuss budget cuts and structural deficits (due to shrinking GPR funding, enrollment declines). Its clear the outlook for UWM is dismal. UWM is not funded as a doctoral institution and budget cuts will further hurt this scenario. Jerry indicated units should move to 6 year budget planning exercise to improve planning capabilities.

Patricia Borger, Vice Chancellor of Development joined our meeting and reported the capital campaign is nearing 40% of its goal and is beginning to plan its public phase. In addition, one of the UWM representatives on the UW System Task Force on Tenure (Kristene Surerus) reported back to the UC that there is discussion of continuing post tenure reviews and discussion of what constituted cause for dismissal. The UW System Chair of this committee wants to complete the committee work by November. This afternoon we got a reply from AAUP on our position paper on tenure and will discuss this at our next meeting.