November 27, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet met and discussed the rollout of the new UW System reference check hiring policy. The Chancellor reported that the Higher Education Regional Alliance (HERA) received a $500k grant to increase transferability and decrease barriers to institutional alliances. Also, there are some increases in enrollment and admission from this time last year. Applications from Illinois appear to be down from last year, perhaps due to less air time purchased by UWM for advertising in Illinois due to high advertising costs prior to the election. UC Chair O’Connor also met with the Chancellor to discuss student safety.

ASC Chair Kristin Roosevelt attended, and briefed UC that the Academic Staff Committee has been examining the workload policies of the College of General Studies and UWM main campus, and recognizes that there are different parameters involved in determining workload on the different campuses.

The revisions to UWM P&P Chapter 104 have been fully approved and will be presented to the Academic Leadership Council in December and the General Meeting of the Academic Staff held in spring.

UWM Senior Counsel Joely Urdan attended to discuss potential upcoming changes in federal and state laws and UWS policy to legal protections for complainants and accused persons under Title IX. These changes preclude making UWS Chapter 4 more restrictive in order to protect complainants.

UC member John Reisel reported that the last Lubar Dean candidate is on campus today. Also, the Economic Benefits survey has been rolled out.

UC member Kathy Dolan reported that today is the priority deadline for the Health Sciences Dean search. Semi-finalists for Zoom interviews will be determined shortly.

UC member Dev Misra reported that the SSEA survey has been finalized and will be coming out soon.