May 23

UC Chair Reisel updated the committee on the status of discussions regarding the role of the Academic Planning & Budget Committee in the academic approval matrix. This issue has generated active discussions over the past few meetings. There was general support among the UC members for the APBC to have a more definitive role in the approval process, and the committee plans to explore this with the Provost at his next meeting with the UC.

There was discussion regarding the discrepancy between teaching assistant salaries and project assistant salaries that has been exacerbated by the increase in TA salaries. There was agreement that increases in PA stipends should be explored.

UC Chair Reisel presented a draft policy titled “Recommendation of the University Committee to Create UWM Student Representative Missed class Policy”. The intent of this proposed policy will be to codify the ability for students participating in university/department-sanctioned activities such as conference attendance, artistic performances, student organization events, etc. to be excused from classes. The draft policy largely parallels the existing policy for UWM student-athletes. The UC was supportive of the language and will submit it for approval in the Fall.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 6th.