May 18, 2021

Provost Britz reported that M. Gajdardziska-Josifovska is retiring as Dean of the Graduate School and J. Puskar will be Interim Dean beginning in September. The Office of Research and the Graduate School will likely be merged again. K. Hartman will be Interim Dean at Peck School replacing S. Emmons; a change will also be coming to the School of Freshwater Science with Dean V. Klump’s retirement. Restructuring following the 2030 implementation plan will include the Zilber School of Public Health, the School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences, which will be reduced from three schools to two, and the creation of a School of Professions that could include Education, SOIS and potentially SARUP. Conversations are ongoing.

Vice Chancellor R. Van Harpen and Interim Police Chief B. Switala met with the UC to report on the status of the recruitment process for the new UWM Police Chief as well as the ongoing DEI initiatives of the UWM PD and their work with the Police Community Advisory Committee, including training and monthly meetings related to community/campus interactions. N. Rothfels asked about the PCAC and how often they meet, who the members are and what they are tasked with doing. I. Hu asked how the UWM Police are specifically dealing with training in cultural sensitivity given the highly diverse nature of the UWM community.

UC Chair K. Dolan reported on the Expanded Cabinet meeting at which the return to campus in the fall was discussed with regard to protocols and procedures for faculty and staff in offices vs. working from home. The need for greater representation of Full Professors on the Divisional Committee was also discussed; the UC Chair will e-mail each division to encourage participation for next year,

In Members’ Reports J. Reisel reported that the Instructional and Academic Staff Review Committee met and dealt with a late case. N. Rothfels reported on the Affirmative Action in Education Committee meeting.

Chancellor Mone will attend the June 8 meeting.