March 9, 2021

Chancellor Mone reported that curricular changes are on hold in some programs in anticipation of the 2030 implementation plan. Campus also is waiting to see how the budget battle in Madison plays out; it is unlikely that UWM will receive the funding included in Evers’ original budget. Cybersecurity continues to be a concern and is the focus of the Administrative Transformation Project, an effort that is being led by Madison but is likely to impact UW System as a whole. This is part of a trend toward increasing centralization of administration by the UW System whose long-term impact on the autonomy of individual campuses is still unclear. Additional support for Bridge Programs (pre-college programs) for UW System campuses, part of an effort to recruit high school students, is being actively pursued.

The UC continued its discussion of Governance Committee Review. Options include 1) merging/aligning jurisdictions of committees where this is feasible and desirable 2) dissolution of committees that self-identify as no longer serving an effective purpose 3) strengthening committee function/effectiveness 4) or some combination of the above. Suggestions for changes could come before the Senate to be finalized by May 2021 but would not become operative until 2022/2023.

Provost Britz will attend the March 16 meeting.